The Cost Of Storm Shutters

When a severe thunderstorm or hurricane threatens your home, it can be very traumatic. Naturally, you want to do everything possible to protect your home and family. For many homeowners, that means installing storm shutters. Highly specialized window coverings, these shutters are designed to protect a home from wind damage and flying debris that could break windows. Available in different styles and materials, these and other factors can be important when determining the cost storm shutters will have on your budget. While there are different kinds including Accordion, Bahama, Colonial Security shutters, as well as standard plywood shutters, more and more people are turning to Rollac for hurricane shutters, which are generally viewed as the sturdiest and safest for most homes.

Wide Variety of Costs

When trying to determine how much do storm shutters cost, many home and business owners quickly discover there can be a wide variety of costs associated with these specialized shutters. According to industry statistics, the average price to install storm shutters on a typical home ranges from $2,000 to as much as $10,000 or more. Costs can vary depending on many things, including the type of storm shutter selected, how many will be installed on the building, and the amount of customization that may be needed in the installation process. Thus, since the cost of aluminum storm shutters and other types can vary, it is recommended homes and businesses rely on expert guidance when making their selections.

Accordion Storm Shutters

Costing about $25 per square foot of window space, accordion storm shutters cost less than most rolldown shutters. However, while they may cost less, they fail to offer many of the features found in today's high-tech rolldown shutters from Rollac. For example, accordion shutters must be manually operated, and thus do not possess the ability to be opened or closed by remote control. Along with this, they can sometimes be difficult to install on a building, resulting in many of them needing to be customized, which can in turn increase the price.

SecuraMax Shutters

For many people who want the highest levels of protection for their buildings, SecuraMax storm shutters from Rollac are the best choice. Costing on average $30 per square foot of window space, these rolling storm shutters cost only slightly more than traditional accordion, Bahama, or Colonial Security shutters, yet offer far more amenities and other important safety features. Considered a more permanent addition to a home's facade, rolling shutters are made of high-quality double-walled aluminum slats, and are made to withstand severe impacts from flying debris and other objects. In fact, the shutters have been tested to not only withstand hurricane-force winds of 130 miles per hour, but also come with an end retention system. With this system in place, once winds reach certain speeds, the system automatically locks the railing in place, ensuring strong winds cannot pull the shutters off the facade.

Added Security

Along with keeping a home as damage-free as possible during a storm or hurricane, Rollac rolling storm shutters also provide greater security to a home during these events. Unfortunately when storms hit and homes are damaged, some individuals will resort to looting in taking advantage of other people's misfortune. Rather than put you and your family through this unnecessary stress, it is far better to invest in Rollac storm shutters. Since these rolling shutters are made to automatically lock in place, they are virtually unable to ever be torn off a building or pried open from the bottom. Thus, once they are installed on your home and locked into place, you can be sure your family and home will be as safe and secure as possible.

Automated Storm Shutters

If a storm hits, the last thing you want to be doing is having to venture outside in an attempt to get your shutters closed. Unfortunately, if you choose to install standard accordion or other similar types of shutters that must be operated manually, you'll have no choice. However, if you have Rollac remote control storm shutters, you will have greater convenience as well as peace of mind. While these electric storm shutters cost more than those which are manually operated, the benefits far outweigh the costs. For example, you will have many options available to you as to how you can control the shutters. With most Rollac storm shutter systems, you can select from wall switches, TV-like remote controls, keypads, and the myLink app, which is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet for added convenience. Thus, even if you are not at home as a storm is about to hit, you can use the myLink app to make sure your shutters are lowered and locked down.

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