Lower Temps

Lower Temps

While we all enjoy summer and the warm weather that accompanies it, we also like to be as comfortable as possible when sitting on a deck or patio. Yet without an awning or other types of shading apparatus, getting those lower temps is impossible. If you’re ready to be on your deck or patio and be as cool as a cucumber in the process, Rollac retractable awning and shading products can make this a reality.

Retractable Shading

When you have an outdoor space that you use frequently for yourself or with family and friends, style and comfort are a must. To achieve this, Rollac retractable awnings can be installed almost anywhere. Available in various colors and made of the highest-quality fabrics, they can be the perfect addition to any deck or patio. Best of all, they can be operated with only the touch of your fingertips. Whether you do so using a remote control, wall switch, or even a tap of your smartphone as you use the MyLink app, having the shading and cool temps you want will be easier than ever before.

20 Degrees Cooler

If you think an awning or other type of shading product from Rollac won’t lower your temperatures that much, consider the findings that show temperatures in your outside area or on the inside of a building can be lowered by as much as 20 degrees, even on the hottest of summer days. Thus, whether installed at your home or a place of business, chances are both comfort and productivity will increase.

Drop Arm Awnings

If you really want to add style and elegance to the outside of a home or business, consider drop arm awnings. Perfectly suited for almost all types of windows, their adjustable angles guarantee you’ll have the highest amounts of solar protection. Since they are adjustable, you’ll have complete control over the view you have of outside as well as how much sunlight will enter your room.

Shade in Tight Spaces

Should you have a residential or commercial building that has a unique design containing numerous tight spaces, you may want to consider Rollac vertical drop awnings. For many homeowners and business owners, vertical drop awnings offer not only the shade and lower temps they seek, but also a cost-effective and practical way to solve the problem of uncomfortable areas and ones that may be prone to having furniture and other items damaged from direct sunlight.


If you have a terrace or garden that is hard to completely enjoy in spring and summer due to the hot weather, a Rollac camargue can solve the problem once and for all. Essentially a way to extend the inside of your home outside, a camargue can create your own slice of paradise just outside your door. Available in various styles and colors, more and more people are discovering the aesthetic and practical benefits that come with having a camargue at their home. Whether you want to enjoy a cool breeze while contemplating the mysteries of life or show off your home by hosting a summertime dinner party, a camargue can let you do this and much more.

Rather than deal with hot temps daily, learn how to make lower temps a part of your home or business by visiting rollac.com or calling 888-276-5522.

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