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Code-approved hurricane and storm security shutters for residential and commercial applications.

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SecuraMax Shutters: Heavy-duty Hurricane, Storm and Security Shutters

When you need the highest level of hurricane protection for your property, our SecuraMax line is up to the task. Rollac SecuraMax hurricane shutters are designed to withstand the heaviest impact from storms, winds and potential intruders. Their thick double walled aluminum slats will take everything you can throw at them, making them the perfect security rolling shutter solution for your windows or storefront.

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SecuraMax Hurricane Shutters Product Video

Keep your home or business protected from the elements every day

Keep your home or business protected with Rollac SecuraMax. Our rolling hurricane shutters are designed to offer the highest level of protection against storms and unwanted visitors. Learn how SecuraMax storm shutters for windows add protection, security and privacy to your property.


Why choose Rollac SecuraMax Hurricane Shutters


SecuraMax is designed with the strength and durability required to protect your home and business from hurricane-force winds and storm-borne debris.

Box Housing

Rollac offers two rolling shutter box housing choices: 45 and 90 degrees.

Prevent Shutter Pullup

Rollac SecuraMax shutters can be equipped with a lift prevention system - keeping outsiders from lifting up the curtain with an object and providing additional protection. Once the shutter is fully rolled down, the internal stop locks, preventing the shutter curtain from being lifted up. The shutter will not lift unless it is done so by turning the axle via manual or motorized operation.

Hurricane Shutters FAQ

Do I Need Hurricane Shutters?
Yes. When making preparations for hurricane season such as a home inspection, installing hurricane shutters will protect your windows from damaging winds, as well as make your home more secure should you choose to ride out the storm.
Where Can Hurricane Shutters be Installed?
Hurricane shutters can be installed on both commercial and residential properties. In addition to installing them on windows, you can also have them installed at doorways for added protection.
How Much Wind Can Hurricane Shutters Withstand?
Rollac hurricane shutters can withstand hurricane-force winds that may reach as high as 150 miles per hour. This is important, since many building codes in areas at high-risk for hurricanes require shutters capable of withstanding winds of at least 110 mph.
How Much Do Hurricane Shutters Cost?
On average, the cost of hurricane shutters will range from $30-$35 per square feet. Since you get what you pay for, always take into consideration such factors as the type of shutter you select, the materials from which the shutters are made and installation costs.
Which Types of Hurricane Shutters are Best?
There are many different types of hurricane window coverings for your home or business. For example, hurricane shutters differ from storm shutters in that they are specifically designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. Accordion shutters average $20 per square feet of window space and offer similar levels of protection to impact windows and hurricane shutters but are a cheaper alternative for tight budgets.
Most of our customers prefer rolling storm shutters since they are an affordable and convenient form of hurricane protection for their homes and businesses.
Is There an Alternative for Hurricane Shutters?
Choosing manual shutters instead of electric roll down hurricane shutters can make hurricane shutters affordable for any budget. The most affordable hurricane shutters available today, manual shutters can cost as little as $5 per square feet of window space.
Are Hurricane Shutters Worth It?
Yes, investing in hurricane shutters for your home or business is a smart decision. This is especially true if you are hoping to lower the insurance premiums for your home. Once you have hurricane shutters installed on your home, it is possible your insurance premiums may be reduced by up to 15%.
Can I Install Hurricane Shutters Myself?
While you can make installing storm shutters a DIY project for your home or business, we generally recommend you rely instead on experienced installers to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. If you need to install the shutters yourself, corrugated aluminum shutters are usually the easiest to install.
Do Hurricane Shutters Require Lots of Maintenance and Care?
Once your hurricane shutters are installed, the great thing is they will require limited maintenance and care to keep them looking great and in proper working order. By simply lubricating the tracks of your hurricane shutters and cleaning the shutters with soap, water, a soft-bristled brush, and soft microfiber cloth, your shutters will continue to look and function like new for many years.

Case Studies


Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Texas Cream ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Texas Cream Color
Texas Cream
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Metallic ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Metallic Color
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Attica Beige ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Attica Beige Color
Attica Beige
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Silk White ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Silk White Color
Silk White
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Medium Bronze ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Medium Bronze Color
Medium Bronze
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