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Quality Retractable Awnings for Your Outdoor Space

Shade, style and comfort will always become part of your outdoor space once you add Rollac retractable shading to your home or business. However, you'll get much more as well. Rollac retractable awnings are always made to the highest standards of quality, meaning they will stand the test of time in terms of durability and reliability. When you need the best solution for your home or business, your first choice should be Rollac.

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Rollac Retractable Awnings - Shade and style

When you're trying to relax outdoors, it's not always easy to do on a hot day. Between the sun's heat and glare, even your favorite spot to sit and relax can become very uncomfortable. When you're ready to solve this problem, Rollac has some extremely attractive options. Learn more about our retractable shading solutions.

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Rollac Retractable Shading Product Video

Shading with a touch of luxury

Style, comfort and convenience can all be yours when you discover the many different options that will be at your fingertips with Rollac retractable shading products.

Benefits of Rollac Retractable Awnings

Lower Temperatures

When you want your home's patio or the outdoor area at your business to have its temperature lowered by perhaps 20 degrees, there's no better choice than retractable shading from Rollac.

That Luxurious Feeling

Retractable shading from Rollac gives you a feeling of luxury you never thought possible. With such a variety of styles, sizes and colors, your outdoor area will be the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

U.V. Protection

Worrying about your flooring or furniture fading will no longer be a concern thanks to Rollac retractable shading. Before you know it, you'll have U.V. protection that will provide peace of mind year after year.

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Retractable Shading FAQ

What Is a Retractable Shade?
A retractable shade is a shading solution that can be extended or retracted as needed. It can be mounted to a variety of structures and it’s a popular choice for patios, decks, and outdoor living spaces.
Are Retractable Shade Solutions Worth It?
Retractable shades are a great investment if you're looking to enhance your outdoor space and protect it from the sun. They provide shade and privacy, increase your home's value, and can reduce your energy bills by keeping your home cooler.
How Much Do Retractable Shades Cost?

The cost of retractable shades depends on several factors, including the size of the unit, the materials used, and any additional features. Prices can range from $1,500 to $4,500 for a larger, more advanced solution.

Are They Good for Commercial Applications?

Retractable shade solutions are an excellent choice for commercial applications. They can be customized to fit any space and provide protection from the sun for outdoor seating areas, playgrounds, and other outdoor spaces. Check out our guide on how to choose commercial shade structures for more information.

Why Choose Rollac Retractable Shading?
Rollac is a leading provider of retractable shading solutions with over 40 years of experience. Our products are made with high-quality materials and they are designed to last. We offer a wide range of customization options to fit any space and our team of experts can help you choose the right solution for your needs.
Can I Install Retractable Shading Myself?
While it's possible to install a retractable shade solution yourself, it's generally recommended to have a professional handle the installation. This ensures that the unit is installed correctly and reduces the risk of damage or injury.
Maintenance & Care

Retractable shade solutions require regular maintenance and care to ensure they continue to function properly. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your retractable awnings and keep them looking great for years to come. Check out our detailed guides:

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