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Rollac strives to provide the best support for our dealers

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Rollac strives to provide the best support for our dealers, offering them technical data, marketing materials, and training - which leads to high quality work on the finished product.

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Shutter Support

7Bottom Locks
1Hurricane Shutter Engineering / Building Codes

Testing information from Miami Dade, Texas Department of Insurance, and the Florida Building Code.

Texas Department of Insurance

A150-H / A200H / RLL3 / RLL4

RLL55-X / A200H

RLL55-X HD - End Retention

Florida Building Code

A150-H / A200-H / RLL3 / RLL4



Miami Dade County


Product Evaluations

A150-H / A200-H / RLL3 / RLL4

Apex A55

RLL55-X / A200-H


5Owners Manual and Warranty Information
7Training Videos

For a complete listing of our videos, check out Rollac's YouTube page

Installation Video

Installation of a DuraComfort Shutter on a panel fascia. Discusses the basics in how to unpack, measure, and install a shutter on a wall.

Impact Test

This test shows a typical impact test and how shutters can withstand the force of a large missile impact.

Deflection Test

This test measures the ability of a shutter to withstand flex that occurs under high winds.

Awning Support

1Awning Order Form
3Motor Installation and Adjustment
4Owners Manual and Warranty Information

ZipShade Support

1Architectural 3 Part Specs
5Owners Manual and Warranty Information
6Training Videos

Zipshade Evo150
Installation #1

Zipshade Evo150
Installation #2

Measurement of Steady-State Thermal Performance

1Measurement of Steady-State Thermal Performance of Exterior Rolling Shutters