Shading, Insect, and Wind Block - All in One Luxurious Package

ZipShade Solar Shading

Rollac ZipShades are a solar shading solution designed to provide superior sun, insect, and wind protection while maintaining a stylish and sleek appearance. Featuring an innovative zip system, these retractable solar shades also help improve energy efficiency at your home or business. Explore our ZipShades product line and experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

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Rollac ZipShades - Modern Retractable Solar Shading Solutions

Rollac welcomes you to experience a whole new level of comfort in your home, office, or any other space that needs light control and privacy. Our zipper shades can be installed on windows, they are easily controlled by a wall switch or a remote, and they are manufactured with the highest quality materials to enhance durability and lifespan.

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Rollac Solar ZipShades Product Video

Versatile retractable solar shades with a wide range of applications


Zip System

With its innovative zip-system technology, the screen is guided along the entire height. This ensure that the fabric is always taut while providing superior wind stability. A nice benefit, this technology not only blocks sun and wind, but also keeps insects out.

Quality Design

The Zipshade uses proven quality materials and follows a modern and minimalistic design. The hardware is made of durable aluminum extrusions and powder coated for longetivity. The modern design and compact housing technology ensure that your zipshade will function and look beautiful for many years to come.

Collision Detection

The automated zipshades with remote control are equipped with a collision detection system. In case the zipshade hits an obstacle during down movement, it will automatically stop and retract. This protects not only the zipshade but also those who use it.


Solar Protection

The solar screen material was designed to reduce sunlight entering an area, and helps keep covered areas cooler.

Keep Insects Out

In the fully closed position, the enclosed zip screens can keep unwanted pests out.

Wind Resistance

The zip track holds the fabric in place, keeping the material wrinkle free and taught in windy conditions.


• No line formation in the fabric

• Covers up to 235 sqft with optimal fabric tension
• Patented Zip system: Wind-resistant in any position

• Wind resistance: officially tested up to 80* mph
• Width and height up to 20 ft

• Easily installs over a variety of surfaces


Remote Control

Operate your ZipShades with a remote control, and you can open and close one or more at a time.

Smart Devices

Control your ZipShade screens with your smartphone or tablet! With myLink and Somfy-powered motorized solutions, it's easier than ever to transform your experience. You can enjoy an array of benefits, such as energy savings, privacy, comfort, and convenience. The myLink puts you in control so that you can operate your motorized zipper shades remotely.

Wall Switch

Control your ZipShades in single or groups with easy-to-operate wall switches.

Rollac ZipShades FAQ

What is a Zipper Shade?
A zipper shade is a type of solar shade that features a zip track system. It offers protection from the sun, U.V. rays, and wind, it can help increase energy efficiency, and it keeps insects out of your space.
What is the Difference Between Zip Shades and Rolling Shutters?

ZipShades are made of durable yet lightweight fabric held by a track system. They are ideal if you’re after solar and wind protection. On the other hand, rolling shutters are a solid construction that offers security, noise reduction, and complete light control. Both solutions are great, depending on your specific needs.

Do Solar Shades Block Wind?
Yes, solar shades can block wind, provided they are well-designed and made of high-quality materials. Rollac ZipShades use heavy-duty zip-system technology to ensure the screen fabric fits tight within the track system and prevents the screen from blowing in windy conditions.
Do ZipShades Really Work?

Yes, ZipShades are very effective in reducing sunlight, protecting your furniture from U.V. damage, lowering the temperature of indoor and outdoor spaces like patios, increasing energy savings, and creating privacy in your area. Thanks to their numerous benefits, solar screens are worth the investment.

How Long Do Solar Shades Last?
How Long Do Solar Shades Last?

The lifespan of your solar shades can vary depending on several factors such as:

  • climate

  • property location

  • exposure to sunlight

  • regular maintenance

  • quality of fabric and hardware

Overall, with regular care, you can expect your solar shades to last for many years to come.

Do Solar Shades Make Your House Dark?
Solar shades for windows don’t block sunlight completely, thus they won’t make your house dark. They offer light control to a certain percentage while allowing natural light to enter your space.
What is The Best Color for a ZipShade?
Lighter colors are suitable for areas with intense sun exposure because they reflect sunlight and heat. Darker colors tend to absorb heat and can be more effective in reducing sun glare. Choosing the right color depends on your needs, your personal style, and your aesthetic.
How to Care for My ZipShades?

Regular maintenance will help ensure the optimal performance of your ZipShades and will keep them looking like new for years to come. To care for your ZipShades, clean the fabric with a microfiber cloth or a soft-bristled brush and a mild detergent. Rinse and allow the shades to dry completely. Moreover, inspect the hardware and tracks for any signs of damage and lubricate them if needed. 

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