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The high quality ROLLAC Rolling Shutters protect you from U.V., noise, robbery and even hurricanes.



Keep your property safe when you are home or away with rolling shutters. Shutters act as a physical barrier to potential criminals, and a visible deterrent that makes potential thieves think twice before even approaching your home.

Energy Savings

By keeping your shutters down during hot and cold times of the year, you can prevent energy loss through your doors and windows.

Light Control

Finally, take complete control of the light in your home or workplace. Rolling shutters are ideal for shift workers that want to shut out outside light. By using light slits, you can fine tune daylight to nearly any degree.


Rolling shutters allow you to 'tune out' any unwanted onlookers that might be a nuisance to your indoor private life.


Noise Reduction

Shutters help reduce the amount of noise entering your home or office. And if you live or work next to a busy street or annoying neighbor, you know every bit helps.

U.V. Protection

Prevent fading over time to your furniture and other valuables! Rolling shutters cover openings that let damaging sun in.


Take control of your shutter system with an automated console that operates all of your shutter system. Talk to your Rollac Sales Representative for more information on automated systems.


Arcona Beige
Texas Cream
Attica Beige
Smoky Grey
Medium Bronze
Maroon Brown
Silk White



The most common application for pre-existing buildings.
The shutter is applied to the wall with appropriate mounting fasteners.

In Soffit

The shutter box is installed in the roof soffit space for a cleaner look.
It might be necessary to cut joists for installation.

In Wall

Present a clean look by concealing the box and rails inside of the wall. Best used when shutters are integrated into the design of the building.
Shutters install on a wide variety of surfaces - both new and per-existing construction.

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