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As a leading manufacturer of retractable awnings for homes and businesses, Rollac is proud to offer products known for their high quality, style, and affordability. Whether it's adding shade to the outdoor area of your business or to your home patio, Rollac retractable awnings will always be the best solution for whatever you need.

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High-Quality Retractable Awnings That Fit in Just Perfectly

No matter the size, shape, and awning type you need, Rolac has you covered. An awning can be small enough to cover a single window, or large enough to cover a space 35’ wide with a depth of 13’1”. At Rollac, we take pride in helping you find the perfect shading solution so that you come away with a great retractable awning. Featuring one of the widest product ranges in the industry today, you'll discover an array of endless possibilities.

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Benefits of Rollac Retractable Awnings

Lower Temperatures

Awnings help to cool off outdoor spaces by blocking out direct sunlight. This allows the temperature underneath an awning to be lowered by as much as 20 degrees!

That Luxurious Feeling

It's impossible to deny it. Once you add a Rollac retractable awning to your outdoor space, you will instantly add a unique luxurious feeling that everyone will love, be it at home or your business.

U.V. Protection

Rolling shutters cover openings where sunlight can intrude, ensuring your furniture and valuables won't fade over time.

Heavy-Duty Retractable Awning Fabric

Tenara Thread

All our fabrics are custom-sewn in-house using durable Gore Tenera thread. These threads are engineered to not deteriorate when exposed to the elements including UV light in order to not become brittle or break. Thus, you can enjoy your awning cover for a long period of time.

Fabric Covering

You can choose from several hundred different fabric styles to give your awning your custom design. Rollac uses high-quality and marine-grade fabrics. Choose one of six different valance styles to give your awning the final individual touch.

Low Maintenance

Awning fabric requires little maintenance to preserve its good looks. A gentle soap and water once-over will remove the majority of exterior debris. When possible, it is recommended that users let the fabric dry before retracting.

Retractable Awnings FAQ

What are Retractable Awnings?

Retractable awnings come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Perfect for patios, decks, and other areas of homes and businesses, they are available in both motorized and manual versions and can be extended or retracted using a drop arm or with the push of a button.

Are Awnings, Canopies, and Pergolas the Same?

Yes and no. The biggest difference between awnings, canopies, and pergolas is that an awning is usually attached to a structure, while canopies and pergolas are often free-standing structures. Drop arm awnings are very popular for homes and businesses since they can be easily adjusted and are very affordable.

Should I Get an Automatic or Manual Retractable Awning?

This depends on how much you wish to spend and what level of convenience you desire from your retractable awning. Motorized retractable awnings are great for outdoor spaces and can be operated with a remote control or an app on your smartphone. Manual retractable awnings are also popular with homes and businesses, and often cost about half the price of most automatic retractable awnings.

Where Can Retractable Awnings Be Used?

Retractable awnings have many residential and commercial applications that can apply to numerous situations. Residential uses include patios, decks, and porches, while commercial applications include outdoor seating areas for restaurants and retail shops that want to add style and shade to various areas.

Are Retractable Awnings Worth It?

Yes. Affordable, durable, and able to instantly transform the look of any home or business, quality awnings are an investment that will pay off year after year in terms of convenience and beauty.

How Much Do Retractable Awnings Cost?

The cost of a retractable awning is much more affordable than you may realize. For a high-quality awning, you can expect to pay an average of $1,500-$4,500, which includes installation.  

What Should I Look for When Buying Awnings?

There are many factors to consider when buying awnings for your home or business. First, consider the awning size you need. Think about the awning valance style and whether you want something traditional or perhaps customized to your specifications. If durability is important to you, opt for a waterproof awning as well as a retractable awning that can withstand wind gusts without sustaining damage.

Why Choose Rollac Retractable Awnings?

Affordability, a large array of styles and sizes, durability, and a staff that makes giving you the best customer service their top priority are all reasons to choose Rollac retractable awnings.

Can I Install Awnings Myself?

Unless you are extremely experienced with awning installation, it's best to have professionals install your retractable awnings.

Do Retractable Awnings Require Lots of Maintenance and Care?

No. Awning maintenance includes lubrication of moving parts, keeping shrubbery trimmed away from the awning, and other basic steps. You can clean your awning with a simple soap and water mix that can be hosed off to keep your awning looking like new.

How Can I Care for Awning Fabric?

Caring for your awning fabric involves inspecting it for mold and mildew and any rips or holes that may be present. It's not hard to replace awning fabric, although you may want to call in a pro if you aren't comfortable with a DIY project.

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