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ShopGuard Commercial Security Rolling Shutters

Investing in your business security with high quality security rolling shutters is critical if you want to keep intruders out. Rollac offers custom security shutters for businesses and commercial rolling shutters that can be installed in windows, storefronts and doors.

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ShopGuard Commercial Security Shutters for Businesses

ShopGuard is a commercial security shutter that is designed to protect your business from unwanted visitors. ShopGuard features a special single wall design that rolls compact for minimum installation space while providing commercial strength for protection. It can be easily installed on the inside as well as the outside of a commercial building.

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Keep your business protected every day

Learn how ShopGuard commercial rolling shutters can increase security for your business.


Why choose Rollac ShopGuard Commercial Rolling Shutters


Rollac ShopGuard commercial rolling shutters are made with a high quality finish. Available in either powder coated or in the popular anodized finish, they add security to your business with a quality look.


Rollac ShopGuard is made out of aluminum extrusions. These aluminum extrusions provide a very strong shield against impact. An end retention system can be added for additional security.


The ShopGuard RLL59 Slat is a patented system by Rollac. US Patents:
• USPTO Patent Number: # US 8,584,731 B1
• USPTO Patent Number: # US 8,857,497 B1
• USPTO Patent Number: # US D601716 S1

Commercial Rolling Shutters FAQ

Does My Business Need Commercial Rolling Shutters?
Commercial rolling shutters can offer many benefits to your business. Once installed, they provide a strong deterrent to criminals and vandals, protect store merchandise, and offer more privacy for your employees.
Is There a Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roller Shutters?
Though similar in many ways, the biggest difference in commercial and residential roller shutters is the material used in their construction. For heavy-duty shutters designed specifically for business security, thicker grades of steel are often used to ensure they cannot be pried open by potential burglars.
Where Can Commercial Business Shutters be Installed?
Commercial shutters can be installed in many areas of your business. For example, shutters offer excellent protection to business storefronts as well as windows and doors. They are also very popular for in-store pharmacies where numerous types of medications and powerful drugs are stored.
Are Commercial Shutters Expensive?
Our commercial business shutters here at Rollac are priced very reasonably for a variety of budgets. By being able to choose between electric or manually-operated shutters for your business, you can purchase shutters that will easily fit into your budget.
What Factors are Most Important When Buying Commercial Shutters?
The most important factors to consider when buying your commercial shutters include the total cost of purchase and installation, their durability to withstand rust and corrosion, your specific security needs, and making sure you purchase your shutters from experts who have years of experience and provide excellent customer service during and after the sale.
Are Automated or Manual Roller Shutters Best?
All of our automated and manual roller shutters are of the highest quality. Manual roll down shutters are very affordable and offer high levels of protection while still being stylish for your business. Automated roller shutters offer tremendous security and allow you to have the convenience of operating them with your smartphone or remote control. Should an emergency occur, you can quickly close automated roller shutters while still remaining safe and sound.
Why Choose Rollac ShopGuard Rolling Shutters?
Our ShopGuard rolling shutters are always made from the very best materials, are tested to make sure they meet the highest standards of security, are available in many different styles, and are affordable no matter how much you want to spend to keep your business as secure as possible.
Do Commercial Shutters Need Lots of Maintenance and Care?
Commercial shutters need only a minimal amount of regular maintenance and care to keep them looking good for decades. You can clean shutters using only soap and water, microfiber cloths, and a soft-bristled brush. Roller shutter maintenance includes track lubricating with silicone spray, inspecting for loose bolts or screws, and ensuring nothing is bent or broken.
Do Commercial Shutters Protect Against Extreme Weather?
We offer many different types of hurricane shutters that work well with commercial businesses such as yours. Able to withstand winds of well over 100 miles per hour, hurricane shutters can limit the damage your business may sustain in the event of a hurricane or other extreme weather event. Learn more about hurricane-rated shutters.

Case Studies


Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Arcona Beige ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Arcona Beige Color
Arcona Beige
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Texas Cream ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Texas Cream Color
Texas Cream
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Attica Beige ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Attica Beige Color
Attica Beige
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Smoke Grey ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Smoky Grey Color
Smoky Grey
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Medium Bronze ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Medium Bronze Color
Medium Bronze
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Metallic ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Metallic Color
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Maroon Brown ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Maroon Brown Color
Maroon Brown
Rollac Rolling Shutters Color Sample - Silk White ColorRollac Rolling Shutters Presented in Silk White Color
Silk White


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