Residential Installation of Patio Shutters by Rollac shutters
Residential Patio Enclosure
1. December 2016
Residential Installatio of La Porte Security Shutters by Rollac shutters
La Porte Security Shutters
9. March 2018

Residential Installation

Anti Bear Shutters

The Challenge
The client who ordered these shutters lives in Alaska, and faced issues with black bears in their close quarters. Fearing for their safety and damage when the clients were away, they decided to install Rollac rolling shutters.

Solution Overview
The architect chose rolling shutters to enclose the five 11‘ x 6’ spaces between the columns on this 65’ x 20’ patio. The client wanted the shutter to be invisible when not in use so the rails were recessed into the column and the shutter mechanism was located above the opening for a very clean look. The controls to open and close the shutters were mounted inside the living area of the home.

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