ZipShade of Back Patio Installation by Rollac shutters
Residential Back Yard Patio
9. March 2018
ZipShade Installation of Back Yard Patio by Rollac shutters
Residential Backyard Patio
9. March 2018

ZipShade Installation

Gringo´s Restaurant

The Challenge
This location built a fantastic outdoor patio area that was excellent to enjoy in ideal weather conditions, but suffered when the weather was not at it's best. This job included a series of 7 ZipShades with crystal panels sewn in to help keep an open feel when the ZipShades are down.

Solution Overview
The ZipShades now allow Gringos to utilize their patio space during all hours of operation due to increased ability to control the climate. When the ZipShades are down, heating and cooling can be employed to provide a comfortable dining environment for their guests.

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