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9. March 2018
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9. March 2018

ZipShade Installation

Memorial Country Club

The Challenge
The Memorial City Country Club in Houston needed a way to provide shading to it's back patio for sunny days in Texas. Adequate ventilation through the use of fans kept the patio conditions cool, but additional solar shading was necessary in order to make the patio space a comfortable environment.

Solution Overview
3 Evo 150 Zipshades were installed on the patio area to block out the majority of the sun that was present in the hotter portions of the day. These Zipshades were operated via remote, and could be controlled all together, or separately to for precise solar shading.

When the Zipshades are in the closed position, the enclosed patio is a comfortable environment that still has plenty of ventilation as well as visibility to the surrounding outdoors. The patrons also benefit from the Zipshade's ability to block out insects and gusty winds, so they can dine outside without the typical problems a patio would face.

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