Commercial Installation of Gas Station Shutters by Rollac shutters
Tri-Mart Gas Station
9. March 2018
Commercial Installation of Concession Stand by Rollac shutters
Concession Stand
9. March 2018

Commercial Installation

St. Louis Station

The Challenge
On September 1 , 1894 St. Louis Union Station opened as the largest, most beautiful train terminal in the United States. The clock tower is an impressive 280 feet high but the gem of this new Station was the Grand Hall with its gold leaf, Romanesque arches, 65-foot barrel vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows.

At it’s opening it was the world’s largest and busiest railway station. It had 42 tracks under the train shed and handled 10,000 travelers a day at it’s peak. In 1976 Union Station was designated a National Historic Landmark and is now the St. Louis Union Station Hotel which achieved a “One of the Top 4 Railway Themed Hotel” rating by Condé Nast.

Solution Overview
Each window has two sections so the design team chose rolling shutters in pairs to cover the stained glass art windows. The shutter control system allowed the shutters to be controlled by the Audio Visual System. When the AV system issues a command all of the shutters lower simultaneously to close off light through the windows. At the show’s conclusion another command is issued to raise the shutters allowing the ambient light back into the Grand Hall.

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