Friends & Family Celebrated New Year's Eve On Their Patio

How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve On Your Patio

If you’re avoiding the large crowds and instead hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration at your home, you’re eager to do all you can to make sure your patio party is a success. Since you’ll want everyone to have fun ringing in the new year, don’t be afraid to go all-out to make your patio every bit as spectacular as Times Square. To make your New Year’s Eve party one that will be memorable for each and every one of your guests, we at Rollac have some suggestions for your upcoming patio party.

Have Plenty of Lighting

Since you will want your guests to not be bumping into one another in the dark and also have a chance to show off your beautiful patio, have plenty of lighting in and around your patio. Since it’s still considered to be the holiday season, consider using some string lights to make your party a bit more festive. By hanging a few sets of lights here and there, it will put everyone in the holiday spirit and look great as well.

Install a Retractable Awning

If you really want to add style to your patio party and ensure even a few raindrops won’t stop the fun, we suggest you consider installing one of our Rollac retractable awnings on your patio. Not only will it look fantastic and take your patio to a whole new level, but it can also lower the temperature on your patio by as much as 20 degrees. Thus, if your New Year’s Eve celebration gets started in the afternoon when the sun is bright and the temperatures are still rather warm, your retractable awning will keep you and your guests comfortable.

Heaters and Fire Pits

As the clock gets closer to striking midnight, chances are the temperature outside will start to dip. While your retractable awning was great at keeping everyone cool when the sun was shining, you’ll now need some patio heaters or a fire pit to keep your patio area warm until the party wraps up. Whether you purchase your own heaters or fire pits or choose to rent some for your party, they come in all styles and shapes, making them a great patio accessory that will blend in and keep everyone warm throughout the evening.

ZipShades Keep the Wind and Bugs Away

Even on New Year’s Eve, Mother Nature may not hesitate to send some wind gusts and annoying insects your way. If this happens, Rollac ZipShades will beat Mother Nature at her own game. Easily installed on all types of surfaces, made to seamlessly blend in with your home or patio, and strong enough to stay taut in sudden wind gusts, ZipShades come with collision detection technology and can be controlled via your smartphone, making them a great patio accessory.

The Feeling of Luxury

For the ultimate patio party that will be known for its luxury, a Rollac Camargue is the one and only choice for your New Year’s Eve celebration. An outdoor structure that instantly turns your patio into an extension of your home’s interior, a Camargue will make you feel as if your patio party is being held in an exotic paradise. Available in various styles and sizes, you’ll experience luxury like never before with a Rollac Camargue.

When you combine these tips with others, such as using plastic plates and cups to ensure nothing gets broken along the way, we have no doubt your New Year’s Eve celebration will be not only the talk of the town but also one that becomes an annual gala event for you and your friends. If you’re interested in learning how Rollac can help you prepare for your celebration, contact us today.