5 Ways To Keep Patio Season Going Through Fall

Ways To Keep Patio Season Going Through Fall

In Texas and other parts of the nation, it may not get too cold during a Fall day. However, once the sun goes down, there can definitely be a chill in the air. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stop using your patio now that Summer has departed. In fact, with a little ingenuity and choosing the right products for your patio, you can easily keep your patio season going into Fall. To do so, here are some helpful suggestions.

Purchase a Fire Pit

If you are ready to add some serious style to your patio while also making sure you and others can stay warm, install a fire pit. These patio accessories, now available in an endless array of designs, styles, and colors, will let you, your family, and some friends sit around on a cool Fall evening toasting marshmallows, having a drink or two, and maybe even telling a few ghost stories.

Install ZipShades

Whether you’re out on your patio during the day or at night, two things you want to keep to a minimum are bugs and wind. By installing Rollac ZipShades, you can meet both of these goals. Offering comfort and privacy, ZipShades easily install over many different types of surfaces. Also, since daytime temperatures during Fall can still sometimes get quite hot, your ZipShades will keep your patio area much cooler and shield you from harmful UV rays. Using a zip track to hold them in place, your ZipShades will stay taut and wrinkle-free, even on the windiest days. Best of all, they can be raised or lowered remotely, either through the remote control or by the myLink app you can download to your smartphone. If backyard shade is high on your priority list, so too should ZipShades.

Get a Patio Heater

While a fire pit can certainly keep you warm on those chilly Fall nights, you may also want to consider getting a patio heater. As for its advantages, one of the biggest is that it can move easily from one area of your patio to another. Available in many different sizes, you can have a patio heater that sits on your patio’s floor, or instead, choose to have a smaller tabletop version. Even if you don’t have electricity on your patio, you can get patio heaters that operate on propane.

Retractable Awning for Fall Showers

If you want to enjoy your patio but think you can’t if it rains, think again. By installing a Rollac retractable awning on your patio, a Fall shower will no longer be a deterrent from entertaining or relaxing on your patio. Able to fit both large or small patios, a retractable awning can also lower your patio’s temperature by as much as 20 degrees on a hot, sunny day. Thus, even if the calendar says Fall but the thermometer still feels like Summer, you will have the most comfortable patio in the neighborhood. Due to the many styles and colors of Rollac retractable awnings, you’ll instantly add a luxurious feeling to your patio that you never thought possible.

Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Room

Since you love spending so much time on your patio and never want it to end once Fall arrives, you can add a Camargue to your patio for the ultimate outdoor experience. Essentially turning your patio into an extension of your home, these cool patio accessories will make your patio the talk of the town in no time. Like ZipShades and awnings, a Camargue will protect you and your patio furniture from UV rays, lower the temperature of your patio substantially, and make your patio feel more luxurious than ever. Considered to be some of the most innovative patio accessories on the market today, purchasing a Camargue from Rollac will give you a patio paradise that may have you entertaining guests on even the warmest of Fall days.

Like more and more homeowners in Texas and elsewhere, you want your patio to be an all-seasons patio that can be enjoyed virtually year-round. We understand that at Rollac, which is why our products and others mentioned here can help you do just that with your patio. Whether it’s making sure your furniture does not fade due to UV rays, ensuring you and your guests won’t be dealing with bugs during your next party, or that you just want to have the luxurious feeling on your patio day after day, Rollac products can make it happen. To find out how, contact us today.