Garage with double door screens


Benefits of Garage Door Screens 

On almost all garages, you see the traditional type of door that rolls up. However, if you want something different, why not consider a rolling garage door screen? Becoming more and more popular, garage door screens bring with them numerous benefits you probably never imagined. If you're intrigued by this idea, our Rollac team has everything you need to know about this unique addition to your home’s garage.

What are Garage Door Screens?

Garage door screens are just like traditional garage doors in that they are made to roll up so they are easily out of your way. However, what makes a rolling garage door screen unique from traditional garage doors is that it has a smaller door within it that is just like an ordinary screen door, meaning you can come and go from your garage without having to roll up the entire garage door itself.

As with most garage doors, garage door screens are opened vertically. However, once your main garage door is rolled up, you can then extend the garage door screen so that it covers the opening to your garage. Once you do, you've instantly got a garage that is essentially converted into a sunroom, giving you the best of both worlds. Should you need to pull your vehicle into the garage, it's just a matter of pushing the sliding garage door screen up out of the way, or doing so by using a remote control or even an app on your smartphone.

How Much Do Garage Door Screens Cost?

If you are thinking a screen door for your garage will bust your budget, you'll be glad to know you can get one for a very affordable price. A screen door for your garage will typically cost between $400-$1500, which can vary depending on whether or not it contains a motor, since motorized garage door screens are priced higher and require more extensive installation. 

The labor and installation costs for garage door screens usually run between $100-$200, but can be more if you have a garage that has an opening that is larger than most typical garages.  

Why is a Garage Door Screen Worth It?

As you talk to us here at Rollac and discover the many benefits that come with having a garage screen door, you'll soon realize making this investment in your home will be one of the smartest decisions you'll ever make.

Increased Living Space  

Perhaps the biggest benefit of garage door screens is that they instantly increase the amount of living space you'll have in your home. Rather than having to go to the added trouble and expense of building a sunroom onto your home, you can simply invest in a rolling garage door screen and achieve the same result for a fraction of the price. Before you know it, you'll have a garage that can become a sunroom, man cave, or anything else you can imagine.

More Security

Security is another major benefit of garage screen door installation. In years past when you have left your garage door open, this meant your possessions were at the mercy of potential thieves. By having a garage door screen, you have added security and privacy. In fact, once your garage door screen is in place, you will be able to easily see what's going on outside, but those on the outside looking in will find it difficult to see much of anything.

Increased Efficiency & Lower Cooling Bills

Rather than having to run a large fan in your garage to cool it down after you park your vehicle, you can instead lower your rolling garage door screen and let it cool off the natural and easy way. By doing so, you'll soon notice your home's energy bill may start to get a bit lower.

Easier to Keep Clean

In the past when you wanted to clean out your garage, you found yourself admiring the garage's clean look after you spent time sweeping the floor. Unfortunately, your victory was short-lived after a stiff breeze came along and blew the leaves and dirt right back at your feet. When you have motorized garage door screens, Mother Nature will never again be able to ruin your cleaning party.  

Adds Value to Your Home

Should you be considering the thought of selling your home in the future, adding a rolling garage door screen will make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. Since you will be able to offer a garage that instantly becomes a sunroom or other great area of living space, you'll be able to get offers that match or likely exceed your wildest expectations.

Maintenance and Repairs

If there is one thing we can guarantee you will like about rolling garage door screens you buy from us here at Rollac, it's that they will be very easy to maintain and need virtually no repairs along the way. 

Constructed of high-quality aluminum, the screens and frames are extremely durable. In fact, the only maintenance you may need to do on a regular basis is to oil some hinges and possibly adjust tensioning brackets. Should something occur that needs to be fixed, we always recommend you have the repairs done only by experienced professionals, like our team here at Rollac.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have had the light bulb go off over the top of your head and you now realize a garage door screen is just what you've always needed for your garage, why wait any longer to make this addition to your home? Instead, pick up the phone and contact us today here at Rollac. Once you do and you are admiring your new rolling garage door screen while you are relaxing with friends and family, you'll know you've made an investment in your home that will pay off day after day.