How Much Wind Can Retractable Awnings Withstand?

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When you invest in a retractable awning for your home, you want to make sure you get an awning that will be with you for the long-term. To have this happen, you will need an awning that can withstand a sufficient amount of wind. However, not all retractable awnings do well when high winds come blowing. Since you want to know how much wind can retractable awnings withstand, our team here at Rollac has compiled some details you should keep in mind when selecting the perfect awning.

Can Awnings Withstand Wind?

If you are concerned whether retractable awnings work in wind, the answer is yes they do, but only up to what would be considered reasonable wind speeds. For example, a retractable awning of good quality can easily withstand winds of 20-30 miles per hour without sustaining any damage. Yet if a sudden wind gust of perhaps 50 miles per hour came along, it is possible the sudden uplift could result in its extension arms bending. Should your awning have a low pitch, the wind can push upward against the underside of the awning more easily, which could lead to the awning detaching from your home.


How Much Wind Can a Retractable Awning Take?

If you are worried about high winds and your awning sustaining wind damage should the winds pick up suddenly, we are here to tell you that Rollac retractable awnings are tested to the extremes so that they withstand whatever gusts of wind blow by day after day. When our wind resistant awnings have been put to the test inside wind tunnels, they have been found to easily withstand sustained winds in excess of 50 miles per hour without sustaining major wind damage. Also, Rollac retractable awnings come with a wind sensor, meaning they can automatically retract should the sensor detect wind speeds are getting too high. Finally, how the awning is constructed will play a pivotal role in how well it stands up to high winds. Here at Rollac, our awnings are made from fabrics consisting of Gore Tenera thread, making them extremely durable and at much less risk of tearing.


Protecting Your Retractable Awnings in High Winds


1. Know the Weather Forecast

In many cases, people will extend their awnings while not having any idea as to what type of weather they will encounter that day. Rather than do this and find your awning being damaged by wind gusts you didn’t know were on the way, always check the weather forecast early in your day to protect your awning. If you receive word a hurricane is approaching, check out how you can protect yourself and your loved ones by hurricane-proofing your patio.


2. Make Sure the Awning is Secured to Your Home

Every now and then, check your retractable awning to make sure it is still strongly secured to your home. Even with the best of installations, it is possible strong wind gusts could have loosened something unexpectedly. By making periodic inspections, you won’t find yourself picking up your awning from your yard or that of your neighbor.


3. Keep it Clean

If you keep your awning clean throughout the year, this can actually help to ensure it won’t get damaged due to high winds. By using some soap and water about once per month, you will help to ensure your awning’s fabric stays at its best, and is not damaged by dirt or debris that has been allowed to build up on its surface. In this situation, a little effort will go a long way towards protecting your investment.


4. Purchase an Awning with a Wind Sensor

If your retractable awning has a wind sensor installed on it when you make your purchase, this will help take much of the burden off of yourself in terms of knowing when to retract your awning on a windy day. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, the wind sensor will be automatically set to know the maximum wind speed the awning is capable of handling without being damaged. Once wind speeds approach maximum levels, the awning will retract on its own.


5. Have Windbreakers Nearby

When you install a retractable awning on your patio, one of the easiest things you can do to protect the awning from high wind gusts is to plant some trees, bushes, or shrubs nearby that can act as natural windbreakers. Along with acting as wind barriers, these additions to your landscaping will enhance your home’s looks.


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Once you have a retractable awning installed at your home, you will instantly see just how much it adds to your home in terms of looks as well as value. Since you now know retractable awnings can withstand much higher wind gusts than you originally believed, now is the time to contact us here at Rollac to find out more about which retractable awning will work best for your surroundings. By contacting us today, you’ll soon have an awning you’ll love.