Screen For Window

Choosing A Window Flip Screen

You need a screen for your window. You’ve become annoyed every time you open it to enjoy the summer breeze. Not only do you get the wind but also bugs, birds, and even the neighbor’s annoying cat. All of them unwanted guests in your home. So you decide to head down to your local big-box hardware store to select your window flip screen. The choices are endless and you leave the store frustrated vowing to never open your windows again. Stop! There is hope! Read on to learn about how to choose the correct window screen that will meet your needs.


All screens are created equal, right? Wrong! There are many different types of window screens with varying mesh sizes. Each one lets in a little more or less air than the last. Standard screens are made of fiberglass or aluminum. They are what are considered the industry baseline for air flow. If you want to allow the most airflow possible, screens that are made of fiberglass or charcoal are a good choice. But if you’re more interested in limiting airflow then consider a solar or insect screen. There tightly woven mesh restricts air and unwanted guests.


Have you ever looked out your windows only to find a pedestrian or driver staring in? We all want privacy when we’re at home. But we certainly don’t want it at the expense of the ventilation fresh air provides. There is a compromise. Flip screen windows that are made of charcoal fiberglass or solar screens work in two ways. They are a darker colored mesh that prevents outsiders from seeing into your home while allowing for air flow. The solar screens are especially popular. They’re available with various degrees of screening and visibility, not to mention in a variety of designer colors.


There are many different types of window screens currently on the market that have varying degrees of durability. If you have animals or small children neither of who understand what the word ‘gentle’ means, then installing a tougher flip screen might be your best option. Your cat sharpening its claws on the mesh, or your dog chewing through it to get at the squirrel outside, even your toddler banging his fists on the screen to get your attention are all equally damaging to the mesh. A tough screen fabric made from heavy-duty, vinyl coated polyester is a great choice. It is heavier and seven times stronger than the mesh used on traditional flip screen windows.


How a window flip screen looks both from the inside and out can greatly influence which one you buy. A home’s curb appeal is very important and with many different types of window screens currently on the market you are certain to find something that works for you. Currently, charcoal fiberglass screens are a popular choice among homeowners but their mesh color is dark gray. More traditional screens are available in a variety of designer colors but they may not provide the privacy or durability you’re looking for.

Open the window

As summer quickly approaches many homeowners are looking for ways to maximize those sunny days and warm evening breezes. Installing window flip screens is a great option for bringing the outdoors in without all of its unwanted guests. But before you make a single purchase, take the time to do your research and consult with a professional. That will ensure you’ll choose the right screen for your needs.