Rollac zipshades

Cost of Retractable Shading

If you have thought how nice it would be to have additional shading in your home or on your patio, how much fun it would be to entertain guests but not insects, and want to find yourself shielded from the wind when trying to relax outside, then you may want to consider retractable shading. Combining the latest in technology, quality materials, and a minimalistic design, retractable Zipshade solar shades from Rollac make a great addition to any home or patio. But like any other project you decide to start on your home, costs will of course factor into your decision-making process. However, when it comes to retractable shade prices, you might be surprised to learn the cost of retractable shading is actually quite affordable.

What are the Cost Factors?

When you are using a retractable shading cost calculator, you'll have to take numerous factors into consideration when looking at your budget. For example, begin with the type of shading you desire, as well as the material used in making the shade. Next, the motor component will also increase or decrease the price depending upon its functionality and various technological features. For example, one of the technological feature options on the Rollac Zipshade retractable shades includes a collision detection system, which enables the Zipshades to automatically stop when nearing contact with something while on their way down. Also, take into consideration how many windows would need to be fitted with the shades, the size of your patio, and other related factors.

Ease of Operation

Needless to say, the more features contained in motorized retractable shades, the more likely it is the price will be higher. However, this is not always a negative for you. In fact, depending on the features you ultimately settle on, you may find that it was money well spent. As an example, Rollac retractable shades make convenience a top priority for customers. Along with the collision detection system, Rollac Zipshades can be raised or lowered using a standard remote control, wall switch, or even by downloading an app to your smartphone. With these features, you can not only control the shades while sitting in your favorite chair, but from virtually anywhere. Thus, if you're entertaining friends after work, you can use the app to raise or lower the shades before you drive home.


Rollac retractable shading is crafted with longevity in mind, using the highest quality parts to ensure durability. For example, the aluminum framing of our retractable shades is crafted with aircraft grade aluminum for maximum strength. This strong framing resists damage during windy conditions if you forget to retract your shading. Furthermore, our high tension springs drop immediately to the proper pitch, lowering pressure on the arms and springs and ensuring a long life on your retractable awning’s hardware. This attention to detail can give you peace of mind that you Rollac retractable shading will be around for many years to come.

Complete Upgrade or Room by Room?

Though you may be eager to upgrade your entire house with retractable shades, you may opt to go with a room by room approach to accommodate your budget without sacrificing quality. You could choose to add retractable shades to one part of your house one year then tackle another part of your house the following year. Regardless of whether you go with this strategy or simply decide to invest in getting the job completed all at once, Rollac will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Basic Costs

Now that you know the retractable shades you want, such as Rollac Zipshades, it is time to figure out your basic costs. This can vary depending upon the features you opt for, customized installation, and other factors. Put down the retractable shading cost calculator and pick up the phone to call Rollac. Known as the industry leader in high-quality retractable shading, you can find out everything you want to know about Zipshade solar shades, get more exact pricing and learn how your Rollac retractable shades can benefit your home or patio. If you are eager to get started, do so today by calling 888-276-5522 or filling out an online contact form at for more information.