Camargue Installed at a House Deck

Deck Shade Options

The first day of summer is June 21st. But for many parts of the country summer has been in full swing for several weeks. The sticky humidity, powerful hot sun and the lack of a breeze all add up to a very uncomfortable season for many people. You’ve invested the time and money to build an exquisite deck, yet every time you step out there you find yourself squinting, sweating and swatting away the bugs. Apart from isolating yourself in your home till the cooler autumn weather arrives there are some ways to lessen the effects of the punishing conditions while enjoying the summer weather. The solution is to create shade. There are many deck shade options. Read on and learn what deck shade structure is most suitable to your outdoor living space.

Sail Away

Perhaps the least expensive option deck option is to install a shade sail. It’s exactly like what it sounds, it is a boat sail. You can buy them at a larger sports store. Make sure you carefully measure the area you want to shade and that you’ve got some sort of anchor that is strong enough to hold the sail. It’s important to remember that this type of covering is not waterproof. Additionally, if you find that your awning looks a little too primitive there are many online tutorials demonstrating ways to improve the look of it.

Pull the Drapes

Just as curtains serve a function by protecting a room from the heat and glare of the sun, they can do the same thing outdoors. But before you race out to your local furniture store to buy inexpensive curtains note that the outside version are made from much heavier material. The challenge with outdoor curtains is finding anchors to hang this deck shade structure. Without making structural changes to your deck, there are several ways to install curtains using planters for instance. For more options, look on the Internet to see what is available.

Privacy Please

Similar to curtains, a privacy screen can not only block out light but insects and reduce the intensity of the sun. An added bonus of this deck shade option is it can also add an element of privacy from nosy or chatty neighbors. Installing a privacy screen doesn’t have to be complicated. Your standard home-improvement store sells pre-made screens that only require you to hang them. Or, if you want something a little more unique you can purchase the materials separately and build your own screen one piece at a time.

Let Your Garden Grow

Let your garden grow vertically that is. Whether you have a green or brown thumb, you can create a stunning piece of art by planting a vertical garden. It is essentially a living wall and will no doubt be a topic of conversation when you’re entertaining. Head to your local garden store and buy the easy-to-use fabric pocket planters. Hang a group of them on your deck or patio. Make sure you’ve got strong anchors to handle your living wall.  This is the most beautiful of all the deck shade options. What was once an average patio suddenly becomes a lush secluded oasis.

Build a Pergola

This is the most demanding and labor intensive of the deck shade options: a pergola. The tall wooden structure will instantly change the look of your outdoor space while providing shade and a cooler place to enjoy summer. Whether you hire professionals or ask a group of friends to help you build the structure it is certainly a big job. Properly anchoring the pergola is crucial; any strong wind or heavy rain could topple it over or unknowingly make it structurally unsound to sit under. Therefore take every precaution necessary to ensure you construct your pergola properly.

Make Your Own Shade

These are only a few of the many desk shade options available to you.  Before making your choice it’s important to consider what you want your canopy to do. Do you want less sunlight, to make your patio cooler, or to stop prying eyes from your neighbors? Whatever your reason rest assured that there is a deck shade structure out there to suit your summer needs. So what are you waiting for? The quicker you start building the faster you’ll be able to enjoy your summer made in the shade!