Solar Screens

Do Solar Screens Work?

You air conditioning unit is overworked, yet your electricity bill is almost double. Your kitchen with its large panoramic windows feels like an oven, even when it’s not thanks to the sun beating through those large windows. Or your patio is only useable when the sun goes down. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? Then maybe it’s time to consider a solution. At Rollac, many of our first time customers come into our store with the same complaint, “how can I make my home or outdoor living space cooler?” Though we sell many different types of window or patio shading products, we often direct them to our selection of solar screens. Yes, there are many companies in the Houston area that sell solar screens, but Rollac remains unrivaled in the quality and customer service that accompanies your purchase. Read on to learn more why solar screens are an affordable, durable and above all else effective tool to cool your living space.

Do Solar Screens Work?

So solar screens work and if so how? This question or this two-part question is what we’re asked right after we introduce this window covering to a customer. Solar screens are made of a unique polyester or fiberglass window screen mesh with the added strength of a PVC coating. They are installed on the outside of a window, balcony, deck or porch and block the sun’s harmful U.V. rays and heat from entering your living space.

Solar screens are available in a variety of different light filtering levels. The size of the holes in the screen’s mesh, determine what is known as the openness factor. The smaller the holes the less natural light is let in. For instance a solar screen with a 1% openness will look like a blackout blind from the inside, letting little to almost no light filter through. The room or outdoor space will remain cool in temperature but will be dark and your view will be obstructed. Solar screens available with a 5% openness are one of the most popular selections. They still offer relatively unobstructed views of the outside without direct sunlight entering your living space.

For our customers who continue to ask, “do solar screens work?” we reply that solar screens are one of the most inexpensive solutions to cooling your home or outdoor living space. They are tremendously durable requiring little maintenance and can even be removed in the winter to let the sun shine. Solar screens are available in a variety of colors and are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home or outdoor space.

Rollac vs. King of Solar Screens

With almost 40 years of experience in the rolling shutter industry, we have the ability to match our customers’ needs with the newest and most revolutionary products on the market. This includes the ZipShade which is constructed of a durable material manufactured with a zipper-like detail that is welded into the vertical edges of this solar shade. As this solar screen is raised or lowered the zippers follow a track on eachside. The ZipShade design prevents the screen from being pushed out of the aluminium side channels while remaining taut at the same time. It can be controlled using a remote control, smart devices or a flip switch.

By comparison, King of Solar Screens another Houston based company opened in 2004. They too have experience in the solar screen business, but do not offer innovate products like the ZipShade. Yes, they can install solar screens for example to your windows and sliding versions to your back doors. But they do not have the inventory and range of products that we do at Rollac.

Do solar screens work?

Do solar screens work? The answer is an unequivocal, yes! At Rollac we offer a variety of solar screens including our ZipShade. This type of window covering is a durable, effective, and affordable way to cool your living space. Give your air conditioner a break and retake your indoor and outdoor living space. Come talk to us about purchasing a solar screen.