Is It Possible To Have A Hurricane Proof Pergola?

 Pergola in a yard on a rainy and windy day

If you live in an area where hurricane season has you looking to the skies, listening to the weather reports for storm watches, and taking measures to protect your patio or deck from the elements, you may also be wondering if it is possible to have a hurricane proof pergola as part of your outdoor space. 

Though many people think this is impossible, the fact is it’s quite possible to have a wind resistant pergola that can be secure during a hurricane. If you’re ready to learn how to protect this part of your outdoor space and create a hurricane proof pergola, our Rollac team has all you need to know.

Can a Pergola Withstand a Hurricane?

Generally, the pergola’s open sides and roof are advantageous in a hurricane, since even high wind gusts can pass through this outdoor structure and cause little or no damage. 

If you want to make sure your pergola can withstand a hurricane’s devastating power and wind, the key is to not only make sure it is anchored down, but also made of materials that are strong enough to avoid being damaged. Choosing a pergola made of wood such as cedar, fiberglass, vinyl, or metal like aluminum, cast iron, or steel is the best option.

How Much Wind Can a Pergola Withstand?

If you have a freestanding pergola, you can be relatively sure that it will stay in place and be undamaged in wind gusts of as high as 50 miles per hour. However, remember the type of material used in building your pergola as well as other factors will ultimately determine if it’s hurricane proof or not.

Factors Affecting the Wind Resistance of Pergolas

1. Freestanding or Attached to Your House

When you are preparing for hurricane season and want your pergola to remain damage-free, keep in mind that a freestanding pergola will not fare nearly as well as one that is attached to your house. Since a freestanding pergola, especially one made of lightweight materials, may only be able to withstand 50 mph winds before being lifted up, making it secure to the ground and attached to your house is a safer bet.

2. Location

When you have a pergola installed at your home, where it is placed can often affect how wind resistant it will be when harsh weather arrives. For the best results, we usually suggest positioning your pergola at a 45 degree angle, preferably pointing in the prevailing wind’s direction. By doing this, wind more easily passes over or through your pergola, instead of hitting it directly.

3. How the Pergola is Anchored

Should you live in a state that is especially vulnerable during hurricane season, you will need to pay close attention to how your pergola is anchored to the ground. To make sure you have a hurricane proof pergola that stays in place, it should ideally be anchored to a concrete base within the ground, such as a patio. If possible, do this along with attaching it to your home or other nearby building, since this will give it extra stability.

4. Regular Maintenance

Once your pergola is installed, don’t assume no further maintenance will be required. In fact, regular maintenance can play a big role in ensuring you have a wind resistant pergola. If your pergola is anchored, check the foundation to see if anything is loose or broken. Also, to make sure the pergola’s structure is not weakened and prone to breaks caused by rust or other issues, keep any wood or metal treatments current.

How Can You Secure a Pergola for High Winds?

To secure your pergola for high winds, you will need sturdy posts anchored into a strong concrete foundation. Otherwise, your pergola’s legs might bend or snap altogether.

Rollac’s Pergola Product, The Camargue

Rollac Shutters offers a pergola made of extruded aluminum. The Camargue comes with a motorized louvre roofing system. Allowing you to open your pergolas roof at the touch of a button. This louvre system also has a drainage route that funnels water from over-head through the support of the structure.

Contact Us for For Your Pergola

If you thought it was impossible to have a hurricane-resistant pergola, you now know that is not the case at all. To learn more about how your home can have a hurricane rated pergola that will look great, withstand Mother Nature’s high wind gusts, and add exceptional looks and value to your home, contact us today here at Rollac.