Hurricane Window Coverings

Hurricane Window Coverings

Your windows are one of the most vulnerable areas in a home when it concerns hurricane protection. Not only are they susceptible to wind damage, but also water if these openings are breached. We’ve all seen what can happen to a window’s glass when a rock is thrown at it. Now imagine what would happen if a rock or piece of debris driven by hurricane force winds as strong as 155 mph is launched into your window?  Not to mention the water damage that might quickly follow. That’s why it’s so important to protect your windows now, before the hurricane warning has been issued.

Hurricane Window Coverings

Clear plastic film or hurricane window coverings are a very popular and inexpensive way to protect them. One of the reasons it’s commonly used is that it can be left in place year-round. It also blocks U.V. rays thereby preventing rugs, furniture, and wall décor from fading. This type of covering costs about $25 per sq. ft. and you can be easily install it. The major drawback from using hurricane window film is that it cannot prevent hurricane force winds from blowing in the entire window frame. This is why many insurance companies do not offer any sort of discount when using this type of film.


Plywood hurricane covers or boards as they’re more commonly known are another inexpensive option to protect your windows. If you decide to install the wood yourself be prepared to spend $1-2/sq. ft. In comparison if you hire a professional to do it, you’re looking at anywhere between $3-$5/sq. ft. If you decide to go the do-it-yourself route, visit your local hardware store and select boards that are 5/8” thick and about eight inches larger on either side than the opening you’re trying to cover. It’s important to remember not to anchor your plywood hurricane covers to the window frames. You can use heavy-duty screws and anchors if your home is made of wood, or expansion bolts for brick exteriors.

The installation process does take quite a bit of time and you need to plan ahead, ideally not days before a hurricane makes landfall. That means having all of your supplies such as the boards cut and anchors bought. But you can’t install any of the plywood hurricane covers until the storm in officially approaching. Don’t forget that boards block all light and air from entering your home. This is important to remember should you lose power. That means no lights or air conditioning.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are the strongest and most effective hurricane window screen cover. They are made of aluminum and can be operated manually or automatically using a remote control. Roller shutters perform two different duties when installed, not only do they protect your windows from strong winds and flying debris, but they also act as a deterrent from potential thieves. They are very hard to penetrate and gain entry into a home. Should you and your family be forced to evacuate your home during a hurricane, you can rest assured it will be safe if your roller shades are installed properly and closed.

A view of the choices

In terms of hurricane window protection, you really do get what you pay for. Sure, hurricane window coverings or plywood hurricane window covers are viable options to protect them in the event of a storm. But the reliability not to mention quality of a roller shutters is unmatched. They are the best choice for window hurricane protection.