Step-By-Step Guide To Hosting A Garden Party

Step-By-Step Guide To Hosting A Garden Party

When you think of throwing a garden party, you may assume this is the same as a backyard barbecue. But in reality, the two are quite different. When you have your family and friends for a garden party, the emphasis is not just on food, but also fun and comfort. Should you be scouring for great garden party ideas regarding entertaining, decorating, and how to make sure you and your guests have all the shade you need, here’s a step-by-step guide to throwing a fantastic backyard garden party.

Have Plenty of Shade

Even if you have great food, fun games, and a wonderful setting for your backyard dinner party, it will all be for naught if you don’t have enough shade for your guests to be comfortable. To accomplish this for your patio or deck, consider purchasing and installing Zip Shades, retractable awnings, or other outdoor structures such as camargues. Along with having plenty of luxurious shade, you’ll also have your patio or deck temperatures reduced by up to 20 degrees, have plenty of UV protection, be able to control your Zip Shades and awnings from an app on your smartphone, and give your garden party area a style all its own.

Inside View Of Rollac Zip Shades On A Lake House Back Patio

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Have Some Fun Games

While the food, drinks, and getting together with friends are many of the reasons why garden parties are so enjoyable, it is often the games that bring out the fun side of your guests. If you agree, plan on giving your guests the chance to play corn hole, croquet, or bocce ball. By doing so, you’ll soon have guests who are not only enjoying themselves, but likely are also more competitive than you realized.

Serve a Seasonal Menu

If you’re inspired by the sunny yet hot weather, use this to your advantage by serving a menu with many seasonal items. For example, there’s nothing better than sitting on a shaded patio sipping lemonade. Also, you might want to stop by a local farmers market to find some great items. While doing so, ask the vendors about some of their favorite foods and how they prepare them, since this may give you some interesting backyard party ideas you can try for your dishes.

Use Open Seating

By having retractable awnings, Zip Shades, or luxurious outdoor structures such as camargues on your patio or deck, you may want to plan an open-seating garden party, making it a cocktail-style get-together. By doing so, you not only create a casual and relaxing setting, but also give your guests the option of getting some sun or mingling with others in a shady spot.

A Black and White Rollac Camargue On A Decorated Backyard Patio

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Have a Plan

Finally, always have a plan for your garden party. For example, if a summer storm may come along, make sure you have your Rollac retractable awning or camargue installed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. By doing so, your party can still be successful, even if Mother Nature tries to intervene.

If you follow this step-by-step guide, your backyard garden party is sure to be a smashing success. When it comes to getting prepared for company, or for Mother Nature, Rollac is always ready. Our representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you set up your backyard to be garden party ready!