Tips For Hosting Holiday Events On The Patio

Tips For Hosting Holiday Events On The Patio

Arguably the time of year people look forward to the most, the holiday season in December is a time when you can truly enjoy fantastic meals, beautiful decor, and being around your family and friends. Though you’ve probably hosted plenty of dinners and events inside your home, this year you might want to mix it up and host outside on your patio. To make it happen and ensure everyone has a great time, here are some tips to use when planning your festivities.

The Show Must Go On

If there is one thing you don’t want happening during the holidays, it’s putting in plenty of preparation for a family get-together, only to wake up and find it’s raining or the wind is gusting. While this may scrap your plans on a regular patio, it won’t if you have installed a variety of products from Rollac. One of the best ways to make sure your outdoor holiday event doesn’t have to be moved inside is to invest in a retractable awning. If it’s raining, it keeps your patio dry. If it’s windy, it lessens the impact. Even if it’s a beautiful sunny day that’s quite warm, your retractable awning can lower the temperature on your patio by 20 degrees, keeping everyone comfortable.

Keep Your Food Warm

While cold leftovers can sometimes be a hit the next day, it’s not ideal during your holiday dinner. Therefore, you need to keep your food warm during your outdoor dinner party. To do so, you’ve got some options. If you’re having a large gathering that is more formal, you can choose to use chafing dishes for your food, and have everyone serve themselves buffet-style. Should your dinner be casual, you can have your guests served inside, then carry their plates outside to the patio.


Unfortunately, once food arrives on the patio, flies and other bugs zoom in from here and there. To prevent this, install Rollac ZipShades on your patio. Easy to raise or lower since they are automated, you can protect your guests from bugs, unexpected wind gusts, and give them some shade at the same time.

Have Plenty of Beautiful Lighting

If your holiday event will stretch into the evening, have plenty of beautiful lighting around your patio to create a fun and festive atmosphere. One of your best options will be string lighting, since it’s inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways. Other possibilities include candles as centerpieces on tables, flameless candles to make sure nobody gets burned, and even citronella candles, which can also aid in keeping mosquitos and other bugs away from the patio.

Make it Memorable

If you are determined to make this holiday dinner one that everyone who attends will talk about for all the right reasons, give it a touch of luxury by installing a Camargue. Once you do, this instantly transforms your patio into an area of your home that has the look and feel of a tropical paradise. Providing shade and protection from rain and harmful UV rays from the sun, your Camargue will also allow you to create a look that has your patio becoming a true extension of your home’s interior. Once a Camargue becomes part of your patio, your outdoor event will take on an air of elegance.

Spruce Up Your Yard

While most of your attention has been focused on your patio, don’t forget to clean up the yard around your patio. This should include putting down fresh mulch, deadheading flower beds, trimming the grass, and getting rid of any excess clutter that may have accumulated.

Once these ideas are combined with various Rollac products, your outdoor holiday event will be so popular with friends and family, it will become an annual tradition. To find out more about which Rollac products will take your outdoor dinner party to the next level, contact us here at Rollac today.