Top Home Renovations To Get Started In 2022

Top Home Renovations To Get Started In 2022

Once the calendar turns to 2022, many homeowners like yourself will have home renovations on their minds. Since the pandemic has had people staying home more than they expected, it has given them the chance to think about various home improvement projects. Here at Rollac, we know homeowners like nothing better than to get their homes looking great and feeling comfortable in every way possible. To help you get started in 2022, here are some of today’s most popular home renovation projects.

Home Office

If you’ve been working from home, you know the home office is going to be crucial to you in the years ahead. Rather than continue to work out of a spare bedroom, turn that room into a modern home office. One way to do so is by installing rolling shutters on the outside of your office windows. Once you do, you’ll have added security, increased privacy, a way to reduce outside noise, and shutters you can raise or lower from the comfort of your office chair since this can be done using wall switches, remote controls, or your smartphone.

Retractable Awnings

If you’re thinking about backyard renovations to your home’s deck or patio, retractable awnings are a great addition. Stylish and made in many different sizes and colors, retractable awnings offer many benefits. These include protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays, ensuring patio or deck furniture does not fade, lowering the deck or patio temperature by up to 20 degrees on a hot day, and allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s raining.

Cabinet Upgrades

If you want a home renovation project that will give you a substantial return on your investment, give your cabinets some much-overdue TLC. Since many kitchens feature outdated cabinets, consider getting a full cabinet replacement. If you want something a bit cheaper, cabinet refinishing can work wonders. Whichever you choose, these home renovations give homeowners an 80%-100% return on their investment.

ZipShades on Your Patio

When considering patio renovations, ZipShades should be at the top of your list. Like roller shutters, ZipShades can be easily installed on almost any type of patio. Also able to be controlled remotely, ZipShades can stay taut even in wind gusts of 80 mph, and blend in well with your patio’s current look. Should you have pets or small children on your patio, they come equipped with special technology that allows them to automatically stop lowering when pets, kids, or objects are nearby, making them a smart and safe renovation project.

A Luxurious Camargue

If you love your patio so much that you wish you never had to leave it and go inside, adding a luxurious Rollac Camargue can make your dreams come true. Beautiful and available in more styles than you can imagine, a Camargue will give your backyard renovations that sense of luxury you’ve always desired. Once installed, your Camargue will let you transition from the inside of your home to your patio, all the while making you feel as if you never left the comforts of your home’s interior.

Bathroom Remodel

Whether you want a walk-in shower, new fixtures, or want to make your bathroom bigger for a growing family, bathroom remodeling is perhaps the hottest home remodeling trend today. If you opt for this renovation project, it will give you on average a 70% return on your investment.

With so many possibilities regarding home renovations, you’ll want advice from professionals you can trust. If you’re interested in ZipShades, roller shutters, or other Rollac products, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your upcoming project.