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Window Shutters

From keeping a room cool and comfortable to keeping out criminals and the winds of a hurricane, window shutters can do this and much more. However, we're not talking about what many people think of as traditional window shutters. Instead of having wooden or metal shutters that barely provide any shade or security, Rollac window shutters are instead large enough to cover an entire window, are made of extremely tough and durable materials, and are installed on buildings so that they simply open or close through a unique rolling system, allowing them to give any building a clean and stylish look.

Noise Reduction

If you happen to have a home or business in an area that is prone to high levels of noise, Rollac window shutters can be a great solution to your problem. By raising or lowering your shutters at various times of the day, you can create a much more soothing atmosphere for yourself, making them well worth the money.

Enhanced Security

Along with reducing unwanted and distracting noise, Rollac arched window shutters are also known for providing high levels of enhanced security for homes and businesses. Besides being an obvious barrier to criminals, the shutters also act as a strong deterrent, since criminals seeking homes or businesses in which to burglarize prefer buildings that are easy to enter. And for those customers who want arched window shutters for their businesses, Rollac offers a double-wall extruded system, providing see-through shutters that can be beneficial to both customers and law enforcement.

Hurricane Safety

Whether you are riding out a storm or evacuating the home of your dreams, hurricane shutters can often make all the difference. Rather than spend money on plywood to board up your windows, it's far better to have Rollac window shutters installed on your home or business. Wind-tested to handle sustained gusts of over 80 miles per hour, Rollac shutters have achieved the highest wind-resistance ratings in the industry, demonstrating their effectiveness.

Lower Your Energy Bill

If there is one thing homeowners want to do on a regular basis, it's lower their energy bills. While this can be difficult to do with traditional shutters or other window coverings, Rollac arched window shutters can make a significant difference in how much money you save on energy each month. Since these shutters can completely cover large windows, keeping the shutters down during certain times of the day, such as when cold winds are blowing or temperatures are reaching record levels of warmth, can lead to tremendous energy savings.

Automated Technology

Along with offering so many other benefits, one that has customers always excited is the integration of automated technology into Rollac window shutters. Since many of today's modern homes and buildings rely on smart technology to control everything from doors and windows to lights and televisions, Rollac window shutters have great technology features as well. Just like many other devices today, the shutters come with remote controls, which can control several shutters at once for raising or lowering. And for even more convenience, many customers download the myLink app to their smartphone or tablet. By doing so, they can then control their shutters 24/7 no matter where they happen to be. Thus, if they're on vacation and want to maintain an appearance of someone always being at home, they can use myLink to raise or lower shutters as needed.

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