ZipShade Installation of Backyard Patio Screens by Rollac shutters
Patio ZipShades
9. March 2018
Awning Installation of Midtown Rooftop Awning by Rollac shutters
Midtown Rooftop Awning
9. March 2018

Awning Installation

Beach House Patio

The Challenge
This home located along a channel by the beach has a large open back patio in which the family would spend time on. The family wanted a versatile space that would allow for sunny weather in the spring, and ample shading during the hotter months of the year.

Solution Overview
This large awning faced ample amounts of wind, so it was very important that the mounting of the awning was secure enough to support the weight. A wind sensor was installed to protect the awning in high winds. In the event of sudden gusts of heavy winds, the wind sensor will retract the awning, preventing any damage from excessive movement.

The clients now have everything they wanted - sun when it's needed and shading when the outdoor heat comes.

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