Awning of Beach House Patio by Rollac shutters
Beach House Back Yard Awning
9. March 2018
Awning Installation of Backyard Seating Area Awning by Rollac shutters
Residential Backyard Awning
9. March 2018

Awning Installation

Midtown Rooftop Awning

The Challenge
The client requested an awning installed on the top floor of his Midtown condominium. The view outside was picturesque, and they wanted to relax and enjoy the scenery while keeping out of the sunlight. The client also ordered a rolling shutter for extra security. The surrounding neighborhood had signs of trouble, and they wanted to prevent any potiential break ins.

The challenge to this project was two fold. To successfully get the product up to the top and complete the install without any damage. The installers successfully completed the installation. Due to the elevation, a wind sensor was installed to prevent awning damage in sudden high winds.

Solution Overview
The awning is striking in it's appearance and other neighbors from surrounding rooftops had inquired about installing their own awnings.

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