Awning Installation of Midtown Rooftop Awning by Rollac shutters
Midtown Rooftop Awning
9. March 2018
Backyard Patio Awning by Rollac shutters
Residential Backyard Awning
9. March 2018

Awning Installation

Backyard Seating Area Awning

The Challenge
The clients spend a lot of their free time in the backyard area, and wanted a comfortable sitting area to eat and enjoy the weather. The sun presented a problem in the specific area that they chose to relax in, so the client decided to install an awning.

Solution Overview
Rollac installed a cassette awning that not only shades the seating area, but helps to keep sun out of the large windows on the home. They gained a two fold benefit of reducing the sun coming in while adding shading to the patio.

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