5 Of The Best Ways To Protect Your Outdoor TV

5 Of The Best Ways To Protect Your Outdoor TV Rollac Branded Graphic With An Image Of A Patio With An Outdoor TV

While it’s fun to sit inside and watch TV, it’s even better when you can do so outside on your deck or patio. For many people, an outdoor TV is becoming a luxury they can’t do without. However, if you are considering adding a TV to your outdoor area, you may be wondering how you can protect it from the elements. If so, we here at Rollac have some of the best ways to protect your outdoor television from Mother Nature and everything else.

Create Some Shade

If there is one thing you don’t want to subject your outdoor TV to on a regular basis, it is direct sunlight. Not only will this make it hard for you to see the screen, but the heat will ultimately lead to your television short-circuiting, meaning you’ll be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new model. To prevent this, install Rollac ZipShades. In an outdoor area, ZipShades can give you comfort and privacy, as well as keep your TV cool. Retractable, easy to install, and made to withstand strong wind gusts while still remaining taut, your ZipShades will be perfect for your outdoor television.

Buy a Weatherproof TV Cover

Since your TV will be outside 24/7, it’s a good idea to buy a high-quality weatherproof TV cover to keep your TV under wraps when not in use. Offering protection not only from wind and rain but also from dust buildup, your TV cover will be crucial to keeping your set in great shape. However, if you’re tempted to buy a cover of lesser quality, don’t give in to temptation. If you do, chances are the cheap cover will tear in no time, which will allow moisture near your TV and probably result in the forming of mold.

Use Weatherproof Cables

When you have an outdoor TV, it’s also smart for you to use weatherproof cables when hooking it up. Since these cables are designed to withstand both hot and cold temperatures, you should have no problems getting a clear signal. To give yourself added protection, consider installing a Rollac retractable awning as well. Like the ZipShades, a retractable awning will provide much-needed protection from harmful UV rays. Also, your retractable awning will let you watch your favorite shows even when it’s raining, giving you a feeling of true luxury. Also able to be controlled by remote control, your retractable awning will keep you cool on hot summer days, since it can lower your patio or deck temperature by as much as 20 degrees.

Select a Weatherproof Mount

Once you get your outdoor TV mounted on a wall, the last thing you want is to find it crashing to the floor and breaking into a million pieces. By using a weatherproof mount, you won’t have to worry about the mount itself rusting due to exposure to rain or the sun. To get the best results, select a weatherproof mount and make sure you place your TV in a spot where direct sunlight and other weather-related issues won’t be a problem.

Clean Your TV Regularly

Last but not least, we here at Rollac suggest you keep your outdoor TV as clean as possible. This will prevent dust and dirt from building up on the screen and other areas, which can hinder the TV’s performance. However, along with cleaning the screen, don’t forget to wipe off the cables, mount, and TV case if you have one. 
By following these recommendations and taking advantage of Rollac products such as retractable awnings and ZipShades, your outdoor TV should stay in pristine condition for years to come. Contact us today to learn more.