Camargue at a Modern House

The Ultimate Camargue Guide

While you love your patio, there are times when the weather just won’t cooperate and let you relax outside in peace. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Imagine not considering the weather before stepping outside to relax. If you owned a Camargue, that could be your reality. 

Unlike any outdoor structure on the market, the Camargue is one of the most stylish and coveted shading solutions. Part canopy, part pergola, the Camargue has revolutionized how people enjoy their outdoor space. 

If you’re looking for a unique backyard shading solution, it’s time to learn more about the Camargue.

What Is a Camargue?

“What is that?” many customers ask Rollac when they first see it. Simply put, a Camargue is a louvered pergola

The roof has aluminum blades that act like louvers rotating up to 150°. This allows the user to determine how much light or ventilation they want. When closed, the roof is completely waterproof even in heavy downpours; the Camargue has concealed drainage channels that direct the water to its columns.  

Available in either a freestanding or facade mounting (i.e., placed against a wall) style, this outdoor structure’s sides can be fitted with several types of siding and unlimited accessories.

The Camargue Options

The Camargue structure is designed to provide comfort to its users while in the outdoors. Whether protecting you from the wind and other weather conditions, keeping insects out, or maintaining a comfortable temperature in a quiet atmosphere. You can choose from several different siding options when you purchase a Camargue.


Camargue’s unique sun protection screens are retractable or stationary. This type of siding prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging your skin and furniture. The screens also keep out those unwanted guests: bugs.


These trademarked sliding panels, made from wood and canvas, protect users from the sun, noise, and heat. 

Glass Sliding Panels

Sliding glass panels are a popular accessory for the Camargue. They allow users to feel like they’re outside, keeping their exterior living space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Fixed Walls

Whether you choose one fixed wall or three, this accessory will add a unique design statement to your Camargue. 


The fabric curtains of this outdoor space provide a distinctive accent to your patio shade structure. This accessory, available in various colors, creates a unique ambiance for yourself or others.

What Are the Benefits of a Camargue?

With various options for creating an exterior living space, you may question why you should invest in a Camargue structure. Apart from being a well-built structure, the Camargue’s many accessories entices many buyers.  

An Extra Living Area

With an outdoor shade structure like a Camargue, your patio instantly transforms into an extra living space that extends your home’s interior. Since a Camargue can be customized to fit your home’s architecture and interior styling, it will provide an unrivaled feeling of luxury.


When we say a Camargue can be customized to fit your home, we mean it. Though most people choose the traditional square or rectangular shape, others may opt for a circular or hexagonal outdoor patio structure. However, a square or rectangular Camargue will be more versatile, or it may allow you to make a stunning architectural statement, something you’ve always wanted to do. 

Protection from the Sun

Though you want to enjoy the sunshine while relaxing on your patio, it can sometimes become too much. This is especially true if you live in a sweltering climate or have a backyard space that faces directly west. 

When this happens, your stay on the patio becomes unbearably hot, and your furniture or other outdoor items may suffer damage from UV rays. Whether by remote control or Smart App, the Camargue’s louvered roof can be easily controlled, allowing just the right amount of sunlight down onto your patio. 

Depending on how much you adjust the Camargue’s roof, temperatures on your patio can drop as much as 20 degrees lower than in exterior living spaces without this feature.

Factors to Consider with a Camargue

Before a Camargue becomes part of your home’s patio, several factors must be considered.


The quality of the materials used to construct this outdoor structure is unparalleled. Both the vertical columns and the patented bladed roof of the Camargue are made of high-quality aluminum.  The Loggia siding panels are exquisite Western Red Cedar or high-quality aluminum. 

Should you opt for fabric screen siding, there are several options, including fiberglass, a crystal screen that appears transparent, and a fine mesh screen that is waterproof and transparent while letting light in. 


The cost of a Camargue varies depending on its size, whether it’s freestanding or facade mounting (i.e., placed against a wall), and the siding options you choose. Each one of these outdoor structures is custom-made in Belgium and takes 11-15 weeks between the initial order and delivery.

A Camargue usually costs about $15,000 and can go as high as $65,000. Compared to a custom-made pergola, which can cost up to $100,000, a Camargue does cost significantly less while still providing elegance and luxury. 


From seamlessly integrated LED lighting to a luxurious audio system that’s invisible to the eye but heard throughout your Camargue, there are many different customization options. If you want to create a warm space to enjoy the outdoors year-round, consider installing heating elements in your Camargue’s frame or louvers. When the roof is closed, the short-wave infrared heaters are invisible. 

Choose a fully retractable roof if you want to see the night sky or enjoy stargazing. The ability to personalize your Camargue is one of the reasons it has become such a popular outdoor structure. 

Enjoy the Outdoors with Rollac

When you combine the superior quality of a Camargue with the expertise and customer service of Rollac, it’s no wonder these outdoor structures have become so popular here in the United States.

As a Camargue dealer, Rollac can attest that one of the most significant benefits of choosing this outdoor structure is that it can quickly adapt to your purpose. Whether you want to turn your patio into an elegant entertainment area, create an area where you can have peace while reading a good book, or highlight a walkway and provide shade when walking back and forth from your home, a Camargue can do all this and much more.