Benefits Of A Backyard Camargue

Benefits Of A Backyard Camargue

While you love your patio, there are times when the weather just won’t cooperate and let you relax outside. However, if you purchase a Camargue, Mother Nature may be forced to take a back seat. Stylish and more elegant than you ever imagined, a Camargue will allow you to turn your patio into an outdoor area that fits into your lifestyle. As to how this can happen, here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll experience from a Camargue.

An Extra Living Area

When you have an outdoor shade structure such as a Camargue, your patio instantly transforms into an extra living area that is essentially an extension of your home’s interior. Since a Camargue can be individualized to fit your home’s architecture and interior styling, it will provide a feeling of luxury that cannot be matched.

Various Shapes and Styles

When we say a Camargue can be individualized to fit your home, we mean it. Though most people choose square or rectangular shapes for a Camargue, others may opt for an outdoor patio structure that is circular or even hexagonal. However, a square or rectangular Camargue will be more versatile in terms of conforming well to your home’s architecture, so keep this in mind when making your decision.

Protection from the Sun

Though you want to enjoy the sunshine when relaxing on your patio, it can sometimes become too much of a good thing. When this happens, your stay on the patio becomes unbearably hot, and your furniture or other outdoor items may suffer damage from UV rays. Once a Camargue is installed, these problems quickly fade away. Since the Camargue’s roof is louvered, you can easily control how much sunlight comes down onto your patio. Depending upon how much you adjust the Camargue’s roof, temperatures on your patio may go as much as 20 degrees lower than the area that’s still in the sun.

Adding the Extras

Once a Camargue becomes part of your home’s patio, the possibilities for adding luxurious extras are endless. For example, you may want to include built-in LED lighting for those evenings you want to entertain, or perhaps install an integrated audio system so you can listen to your favorite tunes while sipping a glass of wine. If you like, you can even turn part of your patio into an outdoor kitchen, since your Camargue will let you grill even when the rain is coming down.

Adaptable to Your Needs

When choosing a Camargue, one of the best benefits is that it can be easily adapted to whatever purpose you have in mind. Whether you want it so that you can turn your patio into an elegant entertainment area, create an area where you can have peace and quiet while reading a good book, or even use it to highlight a walkway and provide shade when walking back and forth from your home, a Camargue can do all this and much more.

More Affordable Than You Think

Finally, a Camargue is more affordable than you may think. For example, while a custom-made Camargue or Pergola can cost up to $100,000 or more, a prefabricated Camargue can be much less and still provide elegance and luxury at a much more affordable price. Since you’ll want a Camargue that reflects your personality and compliments your home as well, rely on the advice of experts here at Rollac.


With so much to offer you and your home, a Camargue is an excellent investment in luxury and style. To find out more and get a Camargue you’ll love for years to come, contact us here at Rollac.