Accordion Shutters April 2020

Made of either steel or aluminum accordion shutters are the most straightforward of all the hurricane window and door protection available to homeowners. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also the least expensive. Yet, there are many types of accordion shutter types currently on the market. To make the best choice for your home, you need to be familiar with what’s out there.

How do Accordion Shutters Work?

Accordion shutters are usually stored beside a window or door when they are not being used. They unfold just as an accordion would cover these openings in the event of a storm. Many homeowners find accordion shutters appealing because they can make their homes storm-ready by themselves. There’s no need to call in a team of professionals or to ask neighbors and friends for help.

Accordion shutters can be permanently affixed to the exterior of your home, so you don't need to find extra storage space. With that in mind, if you purchase an accordion shutter that comes equipped with a lock and key, this type of covering can do double duty and act as a theft deterrent.

Different Types of Accordion Shutters

One type does not suit all; in fact, there are many different versions of accordion shutters.

Firstly, there is the wall track version that attaches the shutter to the walls. It comes in flush, 1", and 2" build-out variations.

Secondly, there is the ceiling track accordion shutter designed to attach to an overhead structure.

There is the floor track that attaches to the ground structure and is available in a 1/2 round walk over model, and a two-piece adjustable model for uneven surfaces.

Fourthly there is the push-button lock-spring loaded lock that is pushed in to secure shutter closed. It will open with a small key.

Finally, there is the box lock dead-bolt style lock that requires a standard key to lock and unlock. This is much stronger than the push-button model.


Some users argue there are disadvantages to the accordion shutters. Most commonly, this window covering looks bulky and out-of-place on some homes. This is something to consider before having them installed. Carefully consider the aesthetic of your home before having them installed.

Others argue they don’t like the idea that they glide on wheels to open and close and that they can break more quickly than other systems. It's important to remember all storm protection systems have the potential to break. What's most important is the regular maintenance of your shutters to make sure they work when the storm arrives.

Do your Homework

Accordion shutters might be the most economical and easiest shutters to install. Still, as a homeowner, it is your job to do the necessary research to make sure this is the right type of hurricane protection for your house. Is it easy to install? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Which kind of accordion should I choose? These are all questions you should answer before you make your purchase. That way, you know you're buying the right accordion shutter for your home.