Exterior Roller Shutters

Types of Exterior Roller Shutters

Cumbersome, noisy and an eyesore, these are just some of the adjectives that often come to mind when people think about exterior roller shutters. That was then. Times have changed and along with them so have these window and door coverings. The days of hard-to-operate and bulky exterior roller shutters are gone. Instead they’ve been replaced by sleek, light weight, and user-friendly coverings. It’s time to step into the modern world of exterior roller shutters.


The outdoor window coverings of today are available in various shapes, sizes and styles. This makes them a very versatile product. In essence, there isn’t a commercial or residential space that cannot be fitted for exterior roller shutters. Whether they’re made from aluminum, light-weight, or galvanized steel, the choices can sometimes be overwhelming. Before, you step onto a supplier’s showroom floor, read the following descriptions to have an understanding of what is available.

Built-in or Built-on Exterior Roller Shutters

Whether they’re installed on the masonry, in the window reveal built-in, or built-on, these are the two most common types of modern exterior roller shutters. The built-in type of window covering stands flush with the façade of either your home or office. In comparison, the built-on ones protrude from the building, thereby making a visual statement. Both versions are easy to operate and offer a sleek design.

Manual Shutters

Modern manual shutters are the least expensive of all of the exterior roller shutters. Unlike their predecessors, today’s manual shutters offer a sleeker design, are more durable and operate smoother. Yet similarly to their ancestors they’re operated using either a winding or crank handle or strap. The manual winder is connected to a woven nylon belt which runs through a pulley. The pulley is then rotated via the shutter drum, thereby operating the opening and closing of the roller shutter slats. Crank handle blinds don’t require any nylon straps or pulleys. Instead, by rotating the crank stick you slowly open or close the blind.

Manual exterior rolling shutter prices are the lowest of all the window and door coverings. Depending on whether they’re installed professionally and the size of the opening they’re covering, they can cost anywhere from $200-$600 per shutter.

Integrated Shutters

Window and covering in one, that’s what an integrated shutter entails. It combines a visually pleasing window with the functionality of a protective covering, in one succinct package. Unlike other styles, the box of this type of exterior roller shutter is installed on the inside of the window, while the blind remains on the outside. This type of design means the shutter is essentially invisible when looking from the outside. As an added feature, the box can also be installed in the window niche on the inside of the opening. This makes it even less noticeable when looking from the inside of your home out.

Integrated exterior roller shutters can cost anywhere from $500-$1,000 per shutter. Of course, this price can vary greatly depending on size of the window.

Electric Shutters

An electric exterior rolling shutter is exactly how it’s described. These types of coverings are equipped with a tubular motor fitted into its rollers. These motors can be operated using several different tools such as a switch, remote control, or even remote keys. The ease and simplicity that electric roller shutters offer means you don’t have to walk around your home or business closing each covering. Instead, through a universal electric control, all of your motorized exterior rolling shutters can be operated at once.

Electric exterior motorized rolling shutters are the most expensive of all the window coverings. Depending on the window, they usually cost a minimum of $900-$1,000 per blind.

Today’s window coverings

The days of cumbersome and hard-to-maneuver roller shutters are over. Today’s coverings are available in every size, are durable, and extremely easy to move. Additionally, they can add to the aesthetic value of your home or business or recede into the background instead allowing the décor to standout. Exterior roller shutters are a viable and affordable option for many home and business owners today.