Ideas & Tips to Transform Your Balcony Into a Cozy Sanctuary

Cozy balcony with wicker furniture

If you’ve got a balcony, this likely means you are always on the lookout for cozy balcony ideas. Rather than have a balcony that looks like all the rest, you want yours to be a warm and welcoming balcony that is a great outdoor living space. 

Whether your balcony is big or small, we here at Rollac know there are many things you can do to create a cozy balcony that you, your family, and your friends will want to spend as much time on as possible. If you are ready to transform your balcony into a cozy sanctuary, consider these ideas and get the process moving forward as fast as possible.

Factors to Consider

Know the Rules of the Community

Before you ever begin making changes to your balcony in the hopes of turning it into the sanctuary of your dreams, make sure you know the rules of the community in which you live. This can include a homeowner’s association, the apartment complex in which you reside, or even the local building and zoning requirements of your town or city. 

Since you may have various types of outdoor structures in mind for your balcony, check to ensure the changes you want to make won’t violate any rules or regulations.

Keep the Size of Your Balcony in Mind

Always keep the size of your balcony in mind when deciding how to decorate it. If you have thought about adding a retractable awning to your balcony, take careful measurements to ensure that it not only fits your space, but also that it does not hang over excessively and possibly interfere with another person’s living space. If you fail to do so, you could find yourself being forced to redo your entire balcony, costing you plenty of time and money.

Follow a Decorating Theme

Instead of having your deck become a hodgepodge of this and that during the decorating process, pick out a decorating theme before you get started. By doing so, you will be able to organize your balcony decorating ideas around certain designs, colors, and styles. While some people want a balcony that looks extremely neat and stylish, you may decide your balcony will be one that looks much more cozy, carefree, and inviting. 

To make your balcony look nice, you may want to add a variety of plants to the mix as well, especially if you enjoy looking at beautiful plants that can also serve as privacy screens when planted in strategic spots.

Tips to Create the Cozy Balcony of Your Dreams

Make it Private and Shady

To improve your balcony area, we suggest you focus on making it as private and shady as possible. If you like the sound of this, you can take advantage of many products here at Rollac to create that wonderful oasis from the rest of the world.

For example, you can install Rollac’s ZipShades solar shading that can give you privacy and reduce the temperature on your balcony on those hot summer days. Stylish and easy to operate via remote control or even an app on your smartphone, outdoor patio shades are a hot trend for balconies.

Swinging Seats

If you want to make sure you are relaxing with your family and friends and taking advantage of all the privacy afforded you by your outdoor shades, consider adding a swinging seat to your balcony, such as a wicker egg chair. An easy way to add instant style to your balcony, a swinging seat takes up little space and can be very comfortable. 

Whether you want to lounge around and read a book or sip on a glass of wine late in the evening, your swinging seat will be a great place to do this and more.

Light It Up

Instead of simply relying on a porch light or a small lamp on a table to light up your balcony, we suggest you go all-out and light up your balcony using a variety of methods. 

As you start noticing what other people have done to their balconies, you’ll see string lights are very popular. Available in many colors and styles, string lights are inexpensive and can be placed on any part of your balcony. 

Also consider adding lights that are solar-powered, which can include floor lamps and even bird feeders and planters that light up after dark in colorful ways. 

Don’t Forget the Floor

While you are probably busy looking around at your balcony to get more decorating ideas, don’t forget about the floor underneath your feet. By adding a few colorful rugs or even some deck tiles that can snap together quickly and easily, you can transform your balcony’s floor into something you never expected. 

Once you start looking at various types of tiles, you’ll find they come in styles, colors, sizes, and shapes that can work well with whatever type of balcony you’re looking to spruce up.

Dare to be Creative

Last but not least, we here at Rollac always believe the best-looking balconies are those where people dared to be creative in all aspects of their decorating. One trend we always like is when people have furniture on their balconies that can double as storage space. This can be an outdoor bench that opens up to become a chest, an ottoman that gives you extra storage space, or anything else you can find or build on your own. 

In fact, we recommend you look over the many DIY ideas out there pertaining to balcony decorating ideas. When you do, you’ll have more balcony inspiration than you ever dreamed of as you start decorating your outdoor space.

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Once you combine our array of outdoor living space products with your string lights, furniture, and other accessories, you’ll have a balcony that everyone else will love and envy.