Close Up of a Shade Solution Installed at a Patio

The Advantages of Outdoor Patio Shades 

If your home has a patio, you undoubtedly enjoy spending as much time on it as possible when the weather is beautiful. Whether it's spending some quality time with family and friends or perhaps curling up with a good book after a hard day at the office, your patio was made to be a fun and relaxing place. However, if Mother Nature decides to send blazing temperatures or strong wind gusts your way, it can become almost impossible to find peace on your patio. 

That is, until you install Rollac patio shades. If you're wanting the best outdoor shades for windy areas and retractable screens that serve as the perfect patio sun shades, here's all you need to know about our outdoor patio shades.

Why Install Shades on Your Patio?

Since you use your patio to throw parties, have cookouts with family and friends, and to have some quiet time now and then when things get a bit hectic, it makes sense for you to do all you can to turn your patio into a place that can be enjoyed even when the wind is showing off its strength or the sun's rays are at their peak on a hot summer day. Here at Rollac, our team knows there are many reasons to install exterior shades.

Cooler Temperatures

First, once you have our Rollac retractable solar shades installed on your patio, you'll have the industry's best solar shades for offering protection against the sun and those hot summer temperatures. Believe it or not, once you put your patio sun shades in place to block out the sun's rays, the temperature on your patio will quickly become up to 20 degrees cooler. Thus, rather than feeling like an egg that's getting fried on a sidewalk, you'll immediately get cool as a cucumber. 

No More Wind Worries

As you know, there's nothing more frustrating than getting yourself all set to enjoy some quality time on your patio, only to have it ruined by one strong wind gust after another. If you want to put your wind worries behind you the next time you venture out onto your patio, install Rollac wind resistant outdoor shades. Clearly the best windproof patio shades available today, our Rollac wind shades for your patio are made to stand up strong to wind gusts and are made from high-quality fabric that can always stay taut and strong.

Your Patio Becomes an Insect-Free Zone

When insects such as mosquitoes or flies invade your patio space, you know all the bug spray in the world won't keep them away. Yet when you choose to install our Rollac zipper shades on your patio or deck, you instantly create an insect-free zone for you, your family, and friends. Utilizing our state-of-the-art zip tracks to keep your patio shades in place, even the most stubborn and determined insects won't be able to find an opening to make their way into your patio space. 

Smart Technology

If you have a smart home and want to add patio shades to the mix that also come equipped with the latest innovations in smart technology, look no further than our retractable screens here at Rollac. For starters, our outdoor patio shades come with collision detection technology. 

Once they are being lowered and quickly detect something nearby in their path, your shades will come to an immediate stop until the object clears their path. Thus, if you have pets or small children in your household, you'll neve have to worry about them getting hurt or your shades getting damaged due to an unintended collision.

Easy Installation and Great Quality

Our Rollac patio shades are of the best possible quality. They are very easy to clean and maintain year in and year out. By using some soap and water and performing light maintenance now and then, your outdoor patio shades can last for years to come. Installation can be done on multiple surfaces, and can be either surface-mount or wall-mount if you prefer to have the mounting hardware hidden from view.

Why We've Got the Best Outdoor Shades for Windy Areas

When you're searching for the best outdoor shades for windy areas, our Rollac team knows there are many factors you should take into consideration.

First, always put quality at the top of your list. If you're tempted to spend less thinking you'll still get great outdoor patio shades, you'll soon find yourself very disappointed. Here at Rollac, we strive to give you shading solutions that are affordable and fit into your budget. Remember that by spending money upfront to get high-quality patio shades for your home, you're making an investment that will not only make your patio more enjoyable, but also increase the value of your home.  

Also work with a company that's a proven industry leader, like we are here at Rollac. By working with people who have decades of experience with patio shades, you'll get advice and answers to your questions you can always trust.

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