The Advantages of Patio Shades

Now more than ever, our homes have not only become our sanctuary, but they have become our entire world. It is where we work, go to school, exercise, eat, sleep, entertain ourselves, and escape. As the weather steadily gets warmer, our patios will start to take on a whole new meaning this year. For many, it may be the only outdoor eating and relaxing space they'll be able to safely enjoy for this season. That’s where Rollac can help. Using our expertise, we can install one of our outstanding patio sun shades. They are known for their durability, unique design options, and ability to substantially cool your surroundings in a matter of minutes. Not to mention, patio sun shades are one of the most popular trends in home design and decorating today. If this sounds like something you'd love to add to your outdoor living space, here are some additional benefits these shades for patio offer.

Insect-Free Zone

All of us have to deal with mosquitos or other insects when enjoying our time outside. Rollac’s patio sun shades can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying some quality time outdoors. By using zip tracks to hold the fabric in place, all unwanted insect guests can be kept out, leading to a very comfortable evening on your patio.

Wind Resistance

Second to insects is the wind, which can also be an unwelcome visitor in your outdoor space. Rollac’s patio sun shades are designed to be wind-resistant to speeds up to 80 miles per hour. Additionally, by using their unique zip track technology, the patio shades can resist wind gusts no matter what position the shades are installed. And by covering up to 235 square feet, the patio sun shade's fabric can maintain the proper amount of tension needed to keep the material taught and free of wrinkles.

Installation Options

Not all outdoor spaces are made the same, and with that in mind, Rollac’s patio sun shades offer a variety of installation options. These include surface mount, jamb, and in-wall. The most popular choice for pre-existing homes or structures is the surface mount. However, all three options can be used on numerous types of surfaces and buildings. That’s why it's always a good idea to discuss your needs with a trained Rollac representative before making a final decision. For many customers, in-wall installation is popular, especially if they are building a new home or other structure. With this option, their patio sun shade retains a clean look, because most of the installation hardware is concealed inside the wall.

Smart Shades

Rollac’s patio sun shades are brilliant! Many of Rollac’s customers use smart technology to link all of the appliances and accessories to their phones, iPads, and other portable devices, including their patio sun shades. Through the myLink app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to operate your shades wherever you happen to be at the time.

For example, if you're leaving work and want to enjoy some time on the patio to relax, simply use your mobile device so the shades will be lowered when you get home, ensuring your patio will be cool, insect-free, and ready for plenty of relaxation after work.

At this point in time, that might mean you might be leaving your office, which is the room right next door to your patio, either way, you can remotely lower your patio sun shade before you step foot outdoors.

When operating your shades, you'll have plenty of exciting choices. For many people, wall switches are installed to control single or multiple shades at once. But for other people, smart technology is the only way to go. Thus, they choose to take advantage of the myLink app, enabling them to download this to their tablet or smartphone. Once complete, they can then control their patio sun shade from any location. Therefore, if they are wanting the shades closed or opened, they can simply use their mobile device to make it happen.

Choices Galore

The variety of colors and fabric patterns for Rollac patio sun shades can sometimes be overwhelming for our customers. But our goal at Rollac is to make sure we meet your needs. Whether you want a subtle color and fabric pattern, or decide to go for bold choices that reflect your personality, the choice is up to you. By being able to coordinate your interior and exterior palettes, Rollac can create patio shades that add not only comfort to your home, but style as well.

The Advantages Abound

There are many advantages to Rollac’s sun patio shades, and those mentioned above are just a few. What is most important is that you contact us to learn more about what our shades for the patio can offer and make a decision from there.