Outdoor Patio Shades

When you wake up to a warm, sunny day, there's nothing better than sitting down on your patio. However, when temperatures start to rise, it can be uncomfortable sitting on a patio with the sun beating down on you. To solve this problem, more and more people have discovered the benefits of outdoor patio roller shades. In addition to providing shading that can reduce temperatures by perhaps 20 degrees, the shades can also keep out unwanted insects, as well as block wind gusts that could ruin an otherwise great time with family and friends. Offering comfort as well as privacy, outdoor patio shades are virtually guaranteed to make your patio more comfortable than ever.

Quality Design

While everyone wants their outdoor patio roller shades to be very functional, they also want them to look great and be well-designed. When it comes to Rollac outdoor patio shades, they are all this and much more. By using the finest quality materials, along with a design idea that emphasizes minimalism, the shades fit in perfectly with any type of home environment. Combining zip-system technology with compact housing technology, Rollac's outdoor patio shades not only keep the shade's fabric taut, but also ensure the hardware used for installation is durable enough to last for many years.

Collision Detection

Since most outdoor patio shades are equipped with the capability to be remote-controlled, they are designed with a state-of-the-art collision detection system for added protection. With this system, the shades are able to detect obstacles when being put down. If they come in contact with an obstacle during this process, they automatically stop and retract, ensuring no damage is done to the shade. This is especially important if the shades will be installed in areas where children are present, since this will keep both the shades and the children free from harm.

Wind Resistance

In areas where the wind can gust to high levels, outdoor patio roller shades have been shown to withstand gusts of as much as 80 miles per hour, making them extremely durable and safe. And with Rollac's patented Zip system, the shades are able to be wind-resistant in any position, making them a viable option for virtually any type of building. And with a width and height of up to 20 feet, there will be no line formation in the fabric, and up to 235 square feet of area can be covered with an optimal amount of fabric tension.

Smart Shades

If your home has smart home technology as many of today's modern residences do, you can link your outdoor patio shades to this network as well. Using the myLink app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to operate your shades wherever you happen to be at the time. For example, if you're leaving work and want to enjoy some time on the patio to relax, simply use your mobile device so the shades will be lowered when you get home, ensuring your patio will be cool, insect-free, and ready for plenty of relaxation after work.

Learn More About Outdoor Patio Shades

Offering a variety of fabrics and colors, along with several different installation options, Rollac outdoor patio shades are becoming more popular year after year. As customers discover how the looks of their homes and other buildings can be transformed by these shades, demand continues to grow. With a reputation for excellence, beauty, and affordability, Rollac outdoor patio shades are a smart investment to make for any home. To learn more about how these shades can transform your patio into a place you'll never want to leave, visit rollac.com today.