How To Build The Perfect Outdoor Living Room

building outdoor living room

Since you love spending so much time outdoors, it makes sense to create a space at your home that lets you do this as much as possible. If you have a patio or deck as part of your home, turning it into an outdoor living room can instantly give you a place to hang out with family, entertain guests, or just sit back and relax by yourself. If you’re eager to get some great ideas for how to make this happen, here are some of our suggestions.

Make Sure You’ve Got Shade

While it’s fun to be outside on a summer day, it’s not fun when the sun is beating down on you and you have no shade nearby. To keep you from meeting this fate, make sure you’ve got shade on your patio or deck by installing a retractable awning. Available in many different sizes and colors, a retractable awning can give your outdoor living room area instant pizzazz and comfort. If you’re still on the fence, consider that a retractable awning can lower the temperature on your patio by as much as 20 degrees, protect you and your furniture from UV rays, and so much more.

The Heat is On

In your outdoor living area, you of course want to be cool during the summer. However, when those cold days arrive, this doesn’t mean you have to say so long to your outdoor living space. Instead, have a heater nearby to take the chill off of those cold days and nights. Some of the most popular options include pyramid-style patio heaters and infrared heaters, which are now available in many unique styles and are extremely affordable. However, if you want to really impress your guests at your next party, opt for a stylish fire pit, fire bowl, or even a fire table, which can make the fire the centerpiece of a table.

Wind and Bug Protection

Unfortunately, being outdoors means you’ll need outdoor patio accessories to protect you and others from the wind gusts and endless array of bugs that are determined to ruin your good time. Fortunately, you can install ZipShades and have nothing to worry about on either of these fronts. Retractable like awnings, ZipShades also feature collision detection technology, meaning you’ll never have to worry about children, nearby plants, or precious pets like Fido or Fluffy getting bumped as the shades are lowered.

Comfortable and Stylish Furniture

When you start looking at outdoor living space ideas, you’ll quickly find there is a vast array of comfortable and stylish furniture from which to choose. For example, having cushioned wicker chairs and a cozy outdoor sofa can be great places to relax after dinner. As for dinner itself, try serving it on long wooden tables and benches, since these give you lots of room for everyone to spread out while they enjoy their meal.

Luxurious Outdoor Structures

Last but certainly not least, consider installing a luxurious outdoor structure such as a Camargue on your patio. Once you do, you’ll have an outdoor living room that is the envy of everyone who stops by your home. The ultimate in outdoor luxury, a Camargue helps you create an outdoor living room that looks just like an extension of your home’s interior. Also, your Camargue will provide you with many of the same benefits as those associated with retractable awnings and ZipShades, such as protection from harmful UV rays and lowering the temperature of your outdoor living space by up to 20 degrees.

With so many outdoor living space ideas from which to choose, there’s no time to waste in selecting your furniture, heating options, and of course the awnings, shades, and Camargue. Whichever items you ultimately choose, let us here at Rollac help your patio become the truly spectacular part of your home you’ve always envisioned. To get started and learn more ZipShades and our other products, contact us today.