How To Make Your House Environmentally Friendly

Make Your House Environmentally Friendly

Like many people today, you are looking for ways to make your house more environmentally friendly. By doing so, you’ll not only be doing your part to save the planet, but also find you’re saving money along the way. Since there are many ways you can accomplish your goal, it’s important to make the best decisions for you and your family. Now that you’re ready to get started, here are some ideas from us here at Rollac that will get you on the right path.

Installing ZipShades

If there is one thing that will send your energy bill soaring each summer, it’s running your air conditioning on these unbearably hot days. If you’re tired of those high energy bills, consider installing Rollac ZipShades outside on your patio. Able to instantly lower the temperature in the area where they are installed, the end result is you’ll find your air conditioning staying idle far more often than you ever expected.

Use as Little Water as Possible

If you really want to make your house more eco-friendly, try to use as little water as possible. Should you think making a few minor changes can’t make a big difference, consider installing a low-flow shower head in your bathroom. When you do, a family of four may save as much as 42,000 gallons of water each year. Along with this, you can do such things as making sure your faucets are not leaking, not excessively washing your vehicles or watering your lawn, and only run your dishwasher once it’s full.

The Benefits of Rolling Shutters

To have a more eco-friendly house, think about the benefits of installing rolling shutters on your home. Another great way to keep the air conditioner off, rolling shutters can also provide additional benefits such as keeping your furniture, flooring, and other items protected from harmful UV rays, making your home more secure, and even keep your home quieter, since the rolling shutters will help to block out noise from your neighbor’s lawn mower and other activities.

Invest in Insulation

To have a truly eco-friendly house, make it extremely energy efficient by investing in insulation. Since the insulation will help your house retain heat during the winter, you can expect to have your heating costs lowered during those cold winter nights. Along with the insulation, you may also find you can have a modern eco-friendly house by laying down some large area rugs over your hardwood flooring. Cost-effective and stylish, area rugs can cover big spaces in your home, while at the same time making sure air doesn’t slip through the cracks in your flooring.

Purchase a Retractable Awning

If you really want to cut down on the amount of time your air conditioning is running during the summer, installing a retractable awning will be an investment that more than pays for itself year after year. By having this on your patio or deck, you’ll be able to spend much more time outside, even on the hottest days. But while doing so, you’ll be able to turn off the air conditioning and fans, since the retractable awning will lower the temperature of your patio or deck by as much as 20 degrees.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

These days, more and more things are able to be recycled. Whether it’s milk jugs, metal cans, or almost anything else, tossing these items into a recycling bin is just as easy as throwing them away, so do your part to have an eco-friendly house by recycling as much as possible. In conjunction with this, try to buy as many products as you can that have been recycled, such as toilet tissue and paper towels.

Once you begin combining the little things you can do every day with the bigger ones such as purchasing retractable awnings, rolling shutters, or ZipShades from us here at Rollac, you’ll have a modern eco friendly house.