Exterior Window Shades at a Home Patio

All You Need to Know About Exterior Window Shades 

Only a little while back, you were hoping Mother Nature would send some warm temperatures your way. Now that she has, those bright rays from the sun are making the inside of your home much hotter. In addition, that constant sunlight is trying its best to fade your furniture and flooring. To solve these problems, you may want to consider installing outdoor window shades on your home. If you've never done this before, we're sure you've got plenty of questions, which is why our team here at Rollac has created this in-depth guide to exterior window shade.

What Are Exterior Shades for Windows?

When we have customers first inquire about our exterior window shades, we often find they think these are new products that have just been developed. In reality, outside window shades have been around for a very long time, and are quite popular additions to many European homes. 

Made in a variety of styles so that they can be customized to blend in well with a home's exterior, you can have exterior window shades installed on your home that will blend in seamlessly with your home's exterior, allowing you to have the inside comfort you desire while still maintaining a beautiful look on the outside.

The Many Different Solutions

If there is one thing we are known for here at Rollac, it is having the ability to offer a variety of different solutions to help solve our customer's problems.  

For example, many people tend to shy away from exterior sun shades for house windows because they believe the style won't match their home. However, our outdoor shades are easily customizable so that they give little or any indication of their presence. Yet just as some of our customers want a subtle look to their exterior shades, others want window sun shades for their house exterior that make a bold and colorful statement. Since we know beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, our Rollac team is always ready to assist you as you make this important choice for your home.

In addition to our exterior window shades, don't forget about our retractable awnings that are also very capable of blocking the sun from entering your home's windows. Also easy to customize, they are available in many different styles, sizes, and colors to suit your home's unique look.

Benefits of Exterior Window Shades

While we've already touched upon some of the benefits of our Rollac exterior window shades, the good news is that there are still plenty more that merit discussion.

Improved View

First, when you have outdoor window shades on your home, you actually improve the view you will have when looking out your windows. Instead of having draperies and blinds taking up interior space at your windows and blocking your view, you can easily retract your exterior window shades and truly enjoy the beauty of the outside world.

Easy to Open and Close

Next, let's talk more about how easily you can open and close your outside window shades. One of the most popular features of our ZipShades that customers love due to its convenience, you can use the MyLink app to control your shades both at home and when you are elsewhere. In addition, our exterior window shades come with a remote control, and can also be made to operate via wall switches in your home.

Blocking UV Rays

UV rays are also kept at bay thanks to our Rollac outside window shades. Over time, the sun's rays shining through your home's windows can lead to furniture, flooring, and other items fading dramatically in color. Rather than have your beautiful sofa or priceless antique chest be ruined forever, install exterior window shades on your home and keep harmful UV rays outside where they belong.

A Cooler House

While your home will certainly look cooler once you install outside window shades, we're actually referring to how much cooler your home's interior will be once these shades are installed on your windows. In test after test of our exterior window shades, research has shown that the interior temperature of a room in your home may be able to be lowered by as much as 20 degrees within several hours. In addition, exterior shades have been shown to reduce solar heat entering a home by up to 95 percent. 

A Little More Privacy

Finally, outside window shades will give you and your family an additional level of privacy. Instead of always wondering if your every move will be noticed by neighbors living only a few yards away, you can open and close your exterior shades as needed to give you peace of mind and added security. 

Why Rollac Exterior Shades are the Best

Here at Rollac, we take tremendous pride in being well-known as the industry leader when it comes to exterior window shades that are easy to clean and make any home look incredible. From the very beginning, we have always strived to not only create outside window shades that looked great and would stand the test of time in terms of durability, but also to offer our customers exterior shade options that would fit into their budget. 

Over the years, we have also become known for our outstanding customer service. From the moment you first inquire about exterior window shades to the time when installation is finished, we are always with you to answer your questions, give you advice if needed, and make sure you are completely satisfied with each and every aspect of the process. 

Give Us a Call

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