The Benefits of Exterior Shades

It seems like only yesterday you were pining for the warmer temperatures and long sunlight days of summer. Yet, now that they’re here, you’re finding it’s either too hot or too bright to go outside. Sure, the drapes and roman blinds that you’ve installed inside your home provide shade and keep your rooms cool. But have you ever considered hanging a window covering on the outside of your window? Exterior shades or outdoor solar blinds are not new. In fact they’re quite a common feature in homes throughout Europe. However, in America they’re not seen as often on homes. But that’s about to change, when you learn about the benefits of exterior shades.


Perhaps the most common reason many people chose not to install exterior shades is because they’re worried it will detract from the beauty of their home. But the truth is just the opposite. Exterior shades are customizable. That means they can be the same color as the outside of or your home, thereby blending in as opposed to standing out. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a window covering that will make a statement you can tailor your shades to add a little decorative flair to the exterior of your home. Either way, the decision is up to you. Therein lies the beauty of exterior shades.

Improves Your View

By placing window coverings on the outside of your home the beauty of your window’s shape and design is in full view within the home. Additionally, your sight-line to the outside is no longer blocked. If you’ve got large artwork hanging on your walls, or elaborate woodwork around the edges of your windows, you and your guests will now be able to see them without any distractions. Additionally, draperies and blinds also take up space on your walls and make wall marks thanks to the installation of brackets, rods, and the tie-backs. Exterior shades offer a simple solution of customizable window protection without compromising personal taste.

Controls the Temperature

Whether you call them sun shades, solar blinds, solar shade screens or outdoor window shades, they all have one thing in common: to reduce the temperature of your home. Research has shown that an outdoor shade typically reduces the temperature of a room by approximately 20 degrees compared to one that doesn’t have a window covering. Exterior shades can cut 95% of solar heat before it even reaches the surfaces of your windows. Conversely, exterior shades are better able to regulate room temperatures in the winter to keep the heat in the home.

Block the Effect of UV Rays

Not only does the summer sun have a tremendous heating ability but its rays can be harmful too. When exterior shades are installed on the outside of a home they block the sun’s U.V. rays from entering through your windows. Without them, the sun’s harsh light can quickly fade the color of a once navy-blue sofa to a light blue after only a few months in a room without blinds. This same thing can happen if you install exterior shades around your patio or pergola. You’re saving your outdoor furniture from sun rot. This is the ageing, fading and decaying look of patio furniture that is left in the sun without any shade.

Throwing a Little Shade

These are just some of the benefits of installing exterior shades.  Other advantages can include reducing noise pollution or increasing your personal privacy. However, you won’t be able to fully appreciate or realize the pros of this type of window covering until you install them on your own home or patio. That’s when you’ll truly be able to enjoy the sunlight and all the beauty of summer.