Top 6 Things You Need To Throw A Backyard Barbecue

Things You Need To Throw A Backyard Barbecue

On a summer evening, there’s nothing better than a great backyard barbecue with your friends and family. Yet before you start inviting everyone to your big bash, there are certain essentials you’ll need to make this backyard BBQ one to remember. If you’re eager to fire up the grill, here are some backyard barbecue ideas to keep in mind.

Grill and Accessories

As we all know, an outstanding backyard BBQ starts with having a great grill and accessories. In recent years, grills have become available in everything from simple portable versions to state-of-the-art cooking dynamos. Yet whichever suits you best, don’t forget to add a BBQ accessory kit filled with spatulas, tongs, marinade brushes, and more.

A Comfortable Environment

Since you’ll have plenty of guests and want to make sure they all leave happy, a comfortable environment is a must. To achieve this, you may want to emphasize backyard shade and sun protection on your patio. This can be done by making excellent use of retractable awnings or Zip Shades, both of which will keep the temperature cool for everyone. If you really want to barbecue to impress, consider purchasing a camargue. An outdoor structure especially noted for its luxury, this is a unique and affordable way to take the temperature down about 20 degrees, while still keeping the burgers and other goodies hot and fresh.

Rollac Retractable Awning Over a Backyard Patio With Furniture

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Outdoor Torches

A summertime essential, outdoor torches filled with citronella candles will not only add a festive touch to your backyard BBQ, but also help act as a bug repellant by keeping the mosquitoes and other pests at bay for the evening.

Summer Beers

Once people get those burgers, hot dogs, and other foods you’ve prepared on their plates and start chowing down, they’ll need something to wash it down with, which is where some great summer beers can help. Whether you opt for well-known brands such as Corona or instead get some locally-brewed craft beer, like Houston’s own Buffalo Bayou brews. Your guests will thank you once they take a sip.

Tonight’s Entertainment

Once the meal is finished, you and everyone else needs something to do to work off those calories. To accomplish this, plan some entertainment such as outdoor games of badminton, croquet, or a friendly game of volleyball. But for those who might want to sit down under the camargue and take it easy, a relaxing card game or corn hole match may be preferable.

Black, Rollac Camargue Over A Backyard Patio With Furniture and Greenery

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High-Quality Paper Plates

Finally, nobody wants to wash dishes after a backyard BBQ. However, this doesn’t mean you should just buy the cheapest paper plates you can find. If you do, it’s inevitable that your guests will have their plates collapsing once they’re filled with food. To avoid this disaster, opt for paper plates that are high-quality. Although you’ll spend a bit more, you won’t have a big mess to clean up or unhappy guests.

Once you have these various accessories and have your retractable awning, camargue, or Zip Shades in place, your backyard BBQ will be one that everyone will expect to become a summertime tradition. Rollac makes products that are made to last, so you’ll be equipped to host for years to come. Call a representative today to learn more about how we can help you get your backyard barbecue ready.