Window Shields

Types Of Window Shields

Shutters, shades, and awnings, otherwise known as window shields are an extremely effective way to protect your home from the sun’s heat and harmful U.V. rays.  Built from a variety of materials including aluminum and different fabrics, each of these exterior rolling shields, offer their own unique benefits. If you’re sure you need window shields but are uncertain what kind, let us help you make that decision a bit easier.

Rolling Shutters

Traditionally rolling shutters have been made from steel, but with advances in technology today’s version are made from lightweight aluminum. They are still as sturdy as the former version. At Rollac, our insulated rolling shutters are an excellent window shield. Not only do they block out light, but also prevent the sun’s heat and damaging U.V. rays from entering your home. All of this type of rolling shield that we sell is coated with our unique thermal paint. This reflects solar heat automatically keeping the surface of the shutter ten degrees cooler and conserving even more energy.

This type of rolling shield is perhaps most well known as an effective security barrier. At Rollac, our insulated aluminum shutters are virtually impossible to breach. They can withstand tremendous stress and impact to protect your home’s windows and doors. They are also a useful theft deterrent. Any thief that comes upon a home with closed roller shutters will move on to the next one. They are too difficult to penetrate.


Our ZipShade is a modern take on the traditional solar shade. It is made of a durable material manufactured with a zipper like detail welded into the vertical edges of the shade. As this window shield is raised or lowered the zippers follow a track on each side. The design prevents the shade from being pushed out of the aluminum side channels and ensures it remains taut at all times. This window shield provides shade to any variety of windows, doors or outdoor living space. It is also a great barrier against insects and can withstand winds upwards of 80 mph.

Vertical Drop Awnings

A vertical drop awning is a smart choice to provide compact shading in an especially tight area. If you’ve got a living room that receives direct sunlight, but due to space limitations you cannot have a rolling shutter, then this alternative window shield is a solid option. Similar to the ZipShade, a vertical drop awning can be built on a rail or cable system moving smoothly up or down a set of tracks or cords. This window shield can also be mounted from the ceiling using a weighted bar. Together with gravity it can be raised or lowered into place. Known as a free hanging vertical drop it is usually used when minimal mounting hardware is required.

Window Shields

There are many advantages to the aforementioned window shields. The job is to decide which type of covering is best suited to your specific needs. At Rollac, we recommend that you speak with one of our experienced team members. Together you can decide which windows you want shaded and from there choose the right rolling shield to accomplish that task.