Adding Shade to a West Facing Backyard

 West Facing Backyard Patio with a Trendy Pergola Shade Structure

When you have a west facing backyard, the positive is that you get to witness one beautiful sunset after another from your patio or deck. Unfortunately, the fact that your backyard faces west means sunny afternoons and evenings can be scorching. However, all is not lost with your west facing backyard. In fact, our team at Rollac has plenty of west facing backyard shade ideas that can turn your surroundings into a true paradise. If you’ve wondered how do you shade a west facing deck, here are some ideas we suggest you consider.

How to Create Shade for a West Facing Backyard, Patio, or Deck

Install a Pergola

By adding an outside structure, such as a pergola, to your west facing backyard, you will give yourself much more than just additional shade. Available in many different sizes, shapes, and styles, a pergola can be customized so that it looks like it was always part of your home. By adding some hanging plants or string lights, you’ll have a true paradise

Install a Retractable Awning

One of the best shade solutions for your west facing patio, installing a retractable awning will bring not only much-needed relief from those harmful and hot UV rays, but also add extra value to your home. If you have hesitated hosting get-togethers on your patio or deck due to the hot temps you haven’t been able to escape, a retractable awning will solve this problem very quickly.

Build a Fence

If you are wanting a bit more privacy around your deck or patio, building a fence can accomplish this goal. However, unlike adding a retractable awning or other similar items, a fence likely won’t do much to stop the heat from beating down on you when the sun is directly overhead.

Add a Canopy

If you only want to spend about $500 to get some relief from the sun, you can choose to add a canopy to your deck or patio that faces west. Readily available from local hardware and big-box home improvement stores, a canopy can provide shade temporarily, which may be okay if you don’t use your patio or deck very often. However, if you don’t get one that is well-made and sturdy, even a somewhat high wind gust could send it soaring across your backyard, so keep this in mind.

Install Retractable Shades

Here at Rollac, we have many customers with west facing backyards who swear by their retractable shades installed on a patio or deck. In fact, Zipshades are some of our most popular products here at Rollac. A permanent solution to dealing with that afternoon heat, retractable shades can reduce the temperature on a patio or deck by as much as 15-20 degrees.

Plant Trees and Bushes

When you are looking for great ways to stay cool in your west facing backyard, planting some trees and bushes around your deck or patio will be a great idea. Along with not costing you very much money, they will compliment the pergola, awning, or shades you have already installed at your home. As an added bonus, you will also be providing habitat for nearby birds and other wildlife, making it a win-win situation.

Grow Some Vines

If you opt for a pergola on your west facing patio, consider letting some vines grow on it to give you some extra shade. When doing so, make sure your pergola is positioned so that the vines will give you the shade where you need it most once they get big and full. As to which vines you should grow, we tend to lean toward ivy, clematis, or trumpet vines, all of which are fast growers and also look outstanding.

Hang Some Outdoor Curtains

Although we prefer outdoor patio shades as a way to gain both privacy and relief from the heat, we also think there’s nothing wrong with combining some outdoor curtains with a canopy. Able to bring a surprisingly elegant look to any west facing patio or deck, outdoor curtains can easily block out UV rays, are mold and water-resistant, and can maintain their looks for many years.

Use a Patio Umbrella

Since you likely already have an outdoor furniture set on your deck or patio, you could choose to buy a patio umbrella and use it at your table. Available in many styles and colors, some modern patio umbrellas come with built-in LED lights to create a wonderful look once it gets dark. When measuring your table for an umbrella, measure at the widest part of the table, then add four additional feet to make sure you and anyone else at the table will get sufficient coverage.

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