What to Consider When Buying Commercial Window Shades

What to Consider When Buying Commercial Window Shades

Wall colors-check, lightning fixtures-check, furniture-check and carpets-check, okay so you’ve chosen all of the décor for your new store, you’re done right? Not so fast! Have you selected your commercial window shades? Unfortunately, this isn’t a decision you can put off till you’ve moved into your new space. Nor will you be able to avoid installing shades on your windows altogether.

Not only do window shades add to the aesthetic value of your business, but they can save energy and provide some much needed privacy for your customers. However, selecting this type of covering is not done by simply showing up at a big box store and grabbing the first thing off the rack. If you do that, you’ll end up paying for more than you bargained. Instead, contact us at Rollac and we can help you select the right commercial window shades that will meet all of your business needs.


One of the first questions we’ll ask you at Rollac is what function will your blinds provide? If you’re the owner of a laser hair removal center, then your shades will need to provide some degree of privacy for your clients. Or let’s say you need a glare-free workplace because if not, your employees won’t be able to clearly see their computer screens and therefore the quality of their work may be affected. Another scenario may be that you need cordless window shades in your store because many of your customers are children and their safety is a priority.


It’s safe to say that commercial window shades will experience a lot more wear and tear than the ones in your home. It’s for this reason that when selecting your shades you will need to find some that are known for their durability.

At Rollac, we’ll also be able to offer you choices about how your blinds will be opened and closed. You need to decide if you want to allow individual employees or customers to have control over operating the shades. Or do you want them to be operated together as one entire unit? This decision may affect the durability of your commercial window shades.


In the case of commercial window shades you certainly get what you pay for. If you’ve found an extremely low price for a type of blind that appeals to you chances are it’s as equally low in quality. Less expensive is not always better. This is particularly true when you’re buying shades for many windows at a time. If you own a business that has a large storefront (i.e. lots of glass), initially it may be expensive to purchase and install blinds on all those windows. But imagine if you bought the cheaper version? You will probably have to replace parts and perhaps even buy new sets if this less expensive version falls apart too easily.

At Rollac, we tell all our clients to consider their budgets. What are you willing to spend on window coverings? Once you’ve decided that, come in and see us. We can discuss with you what your options are.


What is the look you’re trying to achieve with your commercial space? When customers enter your store do you want the décor, including the window shades to fade into the background, allowing your products that are on display to be at the forefront? Or do you want your store’s décor to leave your customers breathless? Your commercial window shades can certainly add another element to the aesthetic feel of your space, thereby ‘wowing’ your customers when they first come in.

Throwing some shade

Too often decisions about the type and style of commercial window shades are made in a hurried fashion and without much research. The result is a poor-looking window covering that falls apart easily and reflects poorly on the business itself. Remember, when a customer enters your store they’re not only looking at your product but your commercial space. If, your window coverings appear are professional looking and work properly it will speak volumes about how you operate your business.