What to Consider When Selecting a Retractable Awning Company

What to Consider When Selecting a Retractable Awning Company

Purchasing commercial retractable awnings is an important and large investment in the life of a business. They attract more customers, lower energy costs and increase curb appeal. Yet, the largest factor in the quality of your commercial awning is the company that is selling the covering. As a business owner, if you don’t make your purchase from the right company you may run the risk of having to replace your awning or incur major repair costs. The following is a brief list of tips that should act as a guide to business owners in selecting the right awning company.

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Product Quality

A quality commercial retractable awning, such as those sold by Rollac should last more than 25 years; a low-quality awning usually only lasts five years or less. The largest factor in determining the life span of this type of covering is the material. You want to find a company that sells fabrics which are breathable, man-made and that resist fading and don’t rot. At Rollac all of awning fabrics have been tested to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Additionally, our commercial retractable awnings are stitched with Tenera which is a durable thread. It won’t become brittle and snap nor fray, not to mention fade or rot away.

Don’t overlook the quality of the metal frame of the commercial retractable awning. You want to look for heavy duty aluminum, just like the aircraft grade aluminum that we use on all the coverings we manufacture at Rollac. If you see frames that have rust-prone steel cables, you can’t be you’ll be replacing those several times throughout the life of the awning.

Certifications and Endorsements

Does your retractable awning company have any certifications or endorsements? Important are the seals of approval from engineering groups or national consumer product testing agencies. These will demonstrate that the company is confident enough with their product to have it tested and then reveal those results to the public. This type of industry recognition can be for the type of aluminum that is used in the commercial retractable awning frame to the quality and durability of the covering’s fabric too.


Is there choice? High-end manufacturers such as Rollac offer a variety of designs which are built for specific needs. For example, we offer commercial retractable awnings, drop-arm awnings and residential retractable awnings as well. All of our coverings can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements for width, projection (how far it extends) and pitch (the awning’s slope). We offer a variety of sensors such as wind to control the movement of your awning, not to mention the hundreds of fabric choices available for your selection. A low quality dealer would offer a single style of awning available in a few selected sizes, only two or three fabric choices and little to no accessory options.

Customer Service

Apart from product, the second most important factor that distinguishes a quality retailer is their customer service. Starting from the selection of your commercial retractable awning, to the planning, measuring, installation and follow-up, a good awning company walks with their customers through the entire process. This same business should be able to offer repairs and recommend parts if the covering is ever damaged or breaks. Attention and customer care are hallmarks of a reputable commercial retractable awning company.

Do your Research

The two main factors that separate a reliable retractable awning company from others is quality and customer service. Quality is found in the types of materials used, the certifications or endorsements they’ve received and the available selection. Customer service is evident in the awning company’s reputation and their ability to follow-up with their clients.  Installing a retractable commercial awning is a large investment. Part of that investment should begin by doing the initial research to ensure you choose a company that can walk with you the life of your awning.