Zip Screen Shades Installed at House

Zip Screen Shades Guide 

Like many people, you love spending time on your patio. However, while the weather may be pleasant, problems such as insects, a lack of shade, or strong gusts of wind can make enjoying your patio harder than you expected. We understand this here at Rollac, which is why we offer zip screen shades that can solve any problem Mother Nature throws your way. 

If you're ready to equip your patio with shades that use state-of-the-art technology to turn your patio into a true paradise, here's all you need to know in our zip screen guide.

What Are Zip Screen Shades?

Our zip screen shades here at Rollac are actually retractable shades that are available in many different colors and fabrics, giving you the ability to have your zip screen match not only your home's exterior, but also showcase aspects of your personality as well. Since they are retractable, you can raise or lower your shades as needed. Easy to install, our zip screen shades can work well on multiple types of surfaces, making them the most versatile option on the market today.

What Are the Benefits of Zip Screen Shades?

As you might have guessed by now, our Rollac exterior shades can provide you with numerous benefits that will ensure your patio time is pleasant and relaxing.

Solar Protection

More than likely, you have had lots of days where you wanted to sit outside on your patio, but found the scorching sun and its hot temperatures too much to handle. Yet once you have our retractable zip screen solar shades installed on your patio, you'll be able to quickly reduce the temperature on your patio by as much as 20 degrees within minutes.

Keeping the Insects Outside

When you're trying to enjoy your patio on a beautiful summer day, you know all too well that flies, mosquitos, bees, and other insects are always eager to keep you company. To keep these unwanted guests on the outside looking in, you can have our zip screen solar shades installed and find yourself with shading solutions as well as the perfect insect barrier.

Wind Resistance

Initially, you may think that our retractable screens may be like many others and simply not be able to withstand strong wind gusts over and over. However, as you learn more about our zip screens, you'll discover that they have been rigorously tested to withstand wind gusts of 80 miles per hour, even when installed over an area of nearly 250 feet. Best of all, they're wind-resistant in any and all positions, giving you multiple options in terms of installation.

Easy Installation

Here at Rollac, we offer you many types of installation options for your solar shades. Most of our customers select surface-mount installation, which uses mounting fasteners to attach your zip screen to a wall. Should you want your mounting hardware hidden from view, you can choose in-wall installation, meaning the railing and hardware are actually hidden within the wall itself. Unlike surface-mount installation that is used primarily on pre-existing buildings, in-wall installation is best used on buildings currently being constructed.

Are Retractable Solar Shades Expensive?

When compared to what you will spend on your air conditioning bill during the summer months and what you would spend should your AC unit break down due to the hot temperatures, you'll find that our zip screen solar shades here at Rollac are in fact extremely affordable. In general, depending on the type of screen you select, the area that needs to be covered, the type of fabric used, and other related factors, you can expect your retractable solar shades to cost between $3,000-$8,000 for purchase and installation.

How Long Do They Last?

If you clean your solar shades regularly, conduct a little preventive maintenance now and then like applying silicone spray to your screen's tracks, and remove them during the winter to limit their exposure to harsh weather, your zip screen shades should last for many years to come. Easy to clean with soft cloths, soap, water, and a soft-bristled brush, the investment you make in Rollac zip screen solar shades will pay off more and more as the years go by.

Why Choose Rollac?

Since there are many companies across the nation that sell solar shades for patios, you may be wondering what makes our retractable screens so special?  

Quality and Durability

Let's begin with quality and durability. Here at Rollac, our solar shades are made only from fabrics and materials of the highest possible quality. Since our reputation is on the line each time a customer purchases our products, we make sure you're getting only the very best.

MyLink Feature

One feature that tends to set our retractable screens apart from the competition is our MyLink feature. An app that can be downloaded to your smartphone, this allows you to operate your retractable screen from wherever you happen to be at any moment. Should you be on your way home from work and want to spend some quality time on your patio, you can use the MyLink app to get your solar shades in place so that your patio will be cool and comfortable upon your arrival.

Collision Detection Technology

To make sure your retractable solar shades stay damage-free, we've also equipped them with the latest collision detection technology. Thus, when you are lowering your shades and a pet, your child's toys, or other objects are in the way, your shades will detect this and automatically stop, rather than continue on their path and become damaged. Not only does this protect your investment, but it also gives you peace of mind in terms of safety.

Contact Us and Find Out More

If you want to truly maximize your ability to enjoy your patio, it's time to contact us here at Rollac to find out more about our state-of-the-art retractable zip screen solar shades. Once you do, you'll realize that our customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to your total satisfaction does indeed set us apart from the competition.