Retail Shop Roller Shutters

Everything You Need To Know About Retail Shop Roller Shutters

Whether it was ancient Greek civilizations, towns and villages during World War II, or even more recent times like the energy crisis of the 1970s, roller shutters have evolved over the years to become important in many ways. From the moment the Greek mathematician Heron of Alexandria used steam, weights, and rope to open a temple door, the idea of modern-day roller shutters began, and has since continued with modern marvels. Now constructed of high-quality aluminum that can withstand tremendous force, roller shutters for businesses are becoming more popular by the day for many reasons. If you are considering making this investment for your retail shop, here is everything you need to know about retail security roller shutters.

Minimum Installation Space

While you may think retail shop roller shutters would require a large area for installation, that is not so. Since retail shop roller shutters feature a unique single-wall design, they can be rolled up into a very compact space, making them easy for one person to open and close.

Maximum Strength

Whether you want retail shop roller shutters for security purposes or to protect against bad weather, you can be rest assured Rollac retail shop roller shutters provide maximum strength against the hardest of impacts. From a big gust of wind during a storm to objects being hurled against them to even vehicles that may crash into them, retail security roller shutters are made to protect you, your customers, and your business.

You Choose the Visibility

Depending on your needs regarding your retail business, you may want varying degrees of visibility with your roller shutters. For example, your ShopGuard shutters can be completely solid, or consist of punch patterns that allow for either 14% or 40% visibility, depending on whether you opt for a grid or rectangle design. Thus, if you don't mind letting your customers view your products after your shop is closed, you can do this while still having plenty of security.

Many Different Applications

Along with providing your retail shop with security and varying degrees of visibility, you as a shop owner can also use your retail shop roller shutters for many different applications. For example, if you have glass walls, your roller shutters can be placed in front of these for increased security and protection. Also, if you have large areas containing very valuable merchandise, you can enclose these areas using a roller shutter and cage combination. This is especially good if you have employees who work in these areas and need key lock accessibility, and for preventing shoplifting by not having valuable merchandise left out on shelves.

Automated Shutters

When considering which shutter is best for your shop, you may want to examine the option of purchasing retail shop roller shutters that are automated. While you can spend less should you want to purchase manual shutters, having automated roller shutters for your retail establishment can make life much easier. From wall switches to remote controls and even apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone, you will have instantaneous access to your roller shutters no matter where you are day or night. This feature can also figure prominently in terms of security, since being able to open or close your roller shutters from other locations can keep you and others safe during an emergency.

Though what we now know as retail shop roller shutters certainly started out in a humble manner with the ancient Greeks, they are today considered technological marvels. If you're ready to make your shop more secure and give yourself peace of mind, talk to the Rollac pros today.