The Benefits of Roller Shutter Doors for Business Security

Surveillance cameras, motion detectors, window sensors and ear-piercing sirens, the variety of security options available to business owners nowadays can be overwhelming. Choosing the right type of protection involves evaluating your space, considering the type of threats you may encounter and above all else looking at your budget.  Once you’ve considered all those elements, there may be one security option you’ve overlooked but it’s not to be underestimated: door shutters.  Whether you chose indoor or outdoor rolling shutters this type of security choice is not only effective but it also looks intimidating to potential criminals. Read on to learn the benefits of door shutters for the security of your business.


Simply put, the biggest benefit of shutter doors is security. Locks or sensors on windows and doors often are simply not enough to stop criminals from trying to break into your business. Moreover, they do nothing to deter thieves from executing their crime. By comparison, shutter doors act as a strong deterrent to criminals looking to target your business. The vast majority of thieves will avoid businesses that have roller shutter doors because they require so much effort and time to circumvent.


While providing excellent security, shutter doors can do double duty by looking inconspicuous. This is thanks in part to the way they’re built. When they’re not in use they simply roll up or roll back and they’re out of the way and sight. Unlike security bars or surveillance cameras, door shutters aren’t obvious to a customer when they’re not in use. Aesthetically they appear clean and they don’t take up a lot of extra space. They can even be painted to match the exterior color of your building, making your business look great whether they’re rolled up or down.


Todays’ door shutters whether they’re made of aluminum or galvanized steel are quite affordable. They’re strong and sturdy with a durable design that provides mechanical strength. Though they may cost slightly more than an alarm system, unlike sensors and sirens, once roller shutter doors are installed, they will usually last the lifetime of your building.


Though the transparent look of many windows and natural lighting are very popular design features among new businesses, sometimes a company requires more privacy. A clear view of your work space might give potential criminals the chance to evaluate your business as a potential theft target. All they would have to do is peer through your company windows during regular office hours. You might also have a business that caters to celebrities or the ultra-rich. The threat of a long-lense camera from the paparazzi or over-zealous fans seeking a first-hand glimpse of their idols might deter this unique type of customer. To create more privacy without installing blinds or smaller windows you could mount roller shutter doors. They can easily be rolled open or down depending on the type of business you are operating and the customers you are catering to.

Owning and successfully operating your own business is an enormous task. The last thing you want on your list of responsibilities is to worry about the safety of your company. However, it is one of the tasks that all business owners must consider. By evaluating your office space, considering the threats you may encounter and determining your budget, you will quickly determine what kind of security system your business needs. You may be surprised to learn that a roller shutter system is exactly what you require. If that happens, rest assured you will be installing a secure, affordable and inconspicuous system.