When you have a business that you have poured plenty of money into as well as your heart and soul, you want to do everything you can to make sure it is protected after-hours. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility someone may burglarize or vandalize your business, both of which could have devastating consequences. To keep this from happening and make sure you and your customers have enough visibility to see what is going on inside and outside, consider installing Rollac commercial security shutters.

Varying Degrees of Visibility

When many business owners think of security shutters, they automatically assume little or no visibility is something they will encounter. However, that is not the case with the Rollac ShopGuard shutter system. While available as a solid shutter, it also comes with a grid pattern that allows for 14% visibility or a rectangle pattern that allows a maximum of 40% visibility. Still offering high levels of protection against impacts, they can easily meet the security needs of most businesses.

Customer Visibility

When your business is closed, that does not necessarily mean customers will not be paying your store a visit to do some window shopping. If your business is located in a downtown area with high foot traffic, this can still be an important part of attracting customers to your store. With ShopGuard shutters, customers will still be able to view the products inside your store, whether you have a grid or rectangle pattern.

Reduces the Risk of Crime

When a criminal is wanting to rob a store, the last thing they want is high visibility while doing so. Thus, when they pass by your business and see a Shopguard security shutter from Rollac, chances are they will keep on going and look elsewhere for their next target.

Flexible Applications

Since ShopGuard security shutters can be installed on the inside or outside of a commercial building, they offer business owners a variety of applications. While many shutters are installed on storefronts for maximum security, others may be installed behind glass walls. Also, if you have valuable merchandise in your store that cannot be kept out on store shelves, a cage/rolling shutter combo can be used in these situations. Finally, for kiosk owners, counter shutter systems can be useful to protect these areas after-hours.

Easy to Secure

Along with offering different types of visibility depending on your needs and comfort level, ShopGuard shutters also come with many different types of locking systems. As a result, they make it convenient for store personnel who have key access to enter or exit when needed. Whether you select a slide lock, turn key lock, turn knob lock, or the high-security removable tumbler lock, your mind will be put at ease.

Solid Shutter Curtains

While your ShopGuard security shutters will let you offer certain degrees of visibility to employees and customers, you’ll also have the option of choosing a solid shutter curtain if you want zero visibility when the shutter is down.

Since the choice is yours, it’s clear you’ll have plenty of options when selecting Rollac ShopGuard security shutters for your business. To discuss the needs of your business and learn about additional benefits of security shutters, call us at 888-276-5522 or seek additional information by filling out an online contact form at today.

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