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Factors That Affects The Cost Of Aluminum Awnings

Whether you're sitting outside on your patio or standing inside your home in a room where the sun is shining through the window, you never want to feel as if you are baking yourself inside an oven. To solve this problem, you may be starting to take a closer look at aluminum awnings like those found here at Rollac. 

Made in many different styles, these awnings have in recent years enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. But just as you do before any major purchase, you want to know as much as possible about the cost. To find out if metal awnings will fit into your budget, we've compiled everything you need to know.

How Much Does an Aluminum Awning Cost?

Once you start doing your research on aluminum window awnings, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that their cost is very reasonable for almost any type of budget. For every 100 square feet of materials, the average cost nationwide is only about $400-$500 for a well-constructed aluminum awning. In most cases, the maximum cost for the very best aluminum awning will be no more than $1,000 per 100 square feet of materials. 

Of course, we suggest you not forget to factor in the costs associated with professional installation. However, don't be alarmed, since aluminum awning installation is a relatively easy process for an experienced installer. Average labor costs will run between $100-$300, making your total project cost average out to just under $900 in most cases.  

Since costs can vary substantially depending on your awning size and whether you choose to have a motorized awning at your home or business, let our Rollac team answer your questions and put their customer service skills to the test so that you come away with the perfect aluminum awning.

Factors Affecting the Cost of an Aluminum Awning

The most common factor that impacts the cost of your retractable awning is the size. The larger awning you need, the more expensive it will be in most instances. 

You will also need to decide if you want an aluminum awning that is operated manually or is motorized and can be operated by remote control. Manual drop arm awnings are much less expensive than their motorized counterparts, making them a smart choice if you are on a limited budget. Though it's great to have the convenience of an awning that will quickly retract when needed, remember that a stationary awning will save you plenty of money in upfront expenses.  

Finally, if you want an awning that is customized in terms of its coloring, style, or design, this may substantially drive up your costs. However, if it is important that your awning stand out from other businesses or help your home look even more stylish and elegant, the extra cost will be well worth it in the years ahead.

Why You Should Install an Aluminum Awning

Extend Outdoor Space

One of the best reasons why you should install an aluminum awning is the many different ways in which it can be used at your home or business. For example, if you own a restaurant, installing an aluminum awning may mean you can begin to offer outdoor dining to your customers, helping to increase your profits.  

Sun & Elements Protection

If you've always wanted a carport at your home, an aluminum awning can make this possible. Rather than always having your automobile, motorcycle, boat, or RV exposed to the elements, an aluminum awning can offer an added level of protection against Mother Nature.


Should you desire more privacy when you are at home, installing an aluminum awning over a street-front window will instantly give you year-round privacy. The same can be said if you want more privacy on your home's patio or deck, in a nearby garden area, or any other outdoor space where you want to relax.

Disadvantages of Installing Aluminum Awnings

While there are certainly many advantages to installing an aluminum awning at your home or business, there are also disadvantages you should take into consideration before making your purchase.

Not Waterproof

One of the most glaring disadvantages is that most aluminum awnings are not waterproof. Because of this, they can be prone to corrosion, especially if they are continually exposed to saltwater. Should you live in a beachside community, we always suggest you purchase a waterproof retractable awning for your home or business.

Limited Styles

You may also find you are limited to a much smaller array of colors and styles when choosing an aluminum awning. If you live in an area that is prone to extremely high temperatures during the summer, an aluminum awning may not be the best idea, since the metal will soar to well over 100 degrees and be very hot to the touch. As the awning gets hotter and hotter, you may indeed feel as if you are sitting inside an oven.

Maintenance & Care

Aluminum awnings also require much more maintenance and care than retractable awnings made of fabric. Along with their being prone to corrosion, these awnings also make excellent sites for bird nests and other debris to accumulate. 

Last but not least, expect your aluminum awning to be somewhat difficult to keep clean. While they are made to withstand high winds and heavy rain, bird droppings and other dirt and grime that may accumulate on your awning will begin to eat into its finish if not removed as quickly as possible.

Should you be wanting an awning that requires little more than an occasional swipe with a soft-bristled brush and being wiped off with soap and water, you may want to reconsider buying an aluminum awning and instead take a closer look at a retractable awning made primarily of fabric.

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