Retractable awning installed on a terrace

Retractable Awning Cost and Prices

Whether you own a home or business, chances are you have grown weary of sweating under the sun's brutal heat year after year. Finally this year, you have decided to go ahead and purchase a retractable awning. While you are excited, you are still a bit hesitant thinking how much the retractable awning purchase and installation might cost. Yet as you know, knowledge is power. 

If you can't wait to see a new retractable awning at your home or business, our team at Rollac has put together the ultimate retractable awning cost guide so you can make an informed decision.

How Much Does a Retractable Awning Cost?

The good news is that no matter what type of retractable awning you decide to buy, it won't bust your budget. On average, you can expect to pay somewhere between $2,000-$3,500 for a high-quality retractable awning, including installation. Very affordable for both homes and businesses, remember that your retractable awning will be much cheaper than having a porch roof built onto your existing structure. Also, an awning can be easily installed within one or two days, which can help keep your installation costs low.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Retractable Awnings?

Once you sit down and start taking a closer look at awning prices, you will begin to notice a variety of factors that can affect your retractable awning cost.

Motorized vs Manual Retractable Awning

A motorized awning will usually cost more than one you open and close manually, since they have advanced technology and often feature remote controls and apps that let you control your awning via your cell phone.


Size can affect the price, since larger awnings for decks and patios cost more than those for doors and windows. Also, the more fabric an awning contains, the higher its price will be in most cases. 


Material is one of the factors that can impact the awning cost. Metal or aluminum awnings are usually more expensive than those made from all-weather fabric, since most of these are motorized. 


Finally, where you live can impact your retractable awning cost. If you live in a state known for warm weather, you can use dealer competition to your advantage to get a lower price, or opt to get your awning installed in the off-season to take advantage of discounts.

Cost of Different Types of Retractable Awnings

To make sure you don't get confused and frustrated when trying to figure out your retractable awning cost, we at Rollac can give you a quick and easy-to-understand list of the types of awnings and their general price ranges:

  • Window awning $250-$500
  • Deck awning $800-$6,000
  • Retractable drop-arm/side-arm awning $950-$6,000
  • Retractable motorized awning $1,200-$10,000
  • Retractable freestanding awning $1,000-$7,000
  • Retractable canopy $800-$6,000
  • Retractable patio cover system $15,000-$25,000

Since retractable awnings come in so many types and styles, remember that our Rollac team is always here to answer any questions you may have prior to making your awning purchase.

Cost To Install a Retractable Awning Yourself

If you possess the skills needed to install your retractable awning yourself, the good news is that you can save hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars in your overall project cost. To install a window or door awning, a DIY installation will average between $250-$700. When performing a DIY installation on your deck or patio, costs can average between $500-$3,000.

Also, keep in mind that mechanical and motorized DIY installations are very different. While most people can usually handle a mechanical awning installation, you should not attempt to install your motorized retractable awning yourself unless you possess significant skills and experience. Otherwise, you could make a mistake during installation that damages your new awning before you get a chance to use it.

Professional Retractable Awning Installation Cost

Depending on the type and size of your retractable awning, professional installation costs can range from as little as $250 to more than $3,000. Also, we find that motorized awnings get used very frequently at homes and businesses. This can mean they have a shorter service life, so always factor in annual maintenance costs along with the costs of professional retractable awning installation.

Additional Costs to Consider

Depending on where you live, you may incur additional costs such as building permits. You may also want to purchase an extended warranty on your retractable awning, which may cost $100 or more per year. 

Cost of Repair and Maintenance 

Though most retractable awnings require little maintenance once installed, an occasional problem may happen now and then. Fabric repair or replacement can cost $350-$1,000, depending on the problem and the awning's size. Arms on manual awnings can cost just under $100 to replace, while brackets and springs that fasten your awning to a wall and make sure the fabric stays tight when extended can cost between $50-$100 to replace, including labor costs. 

As for cleaning your awning to keep it looking great, an occasional hosing off with the garden hose will do in most cases, along with some scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush and dishwashing liquid. If properly maintained, your retractable awning can easily last two decades, making it well worth your investment.

Is a Retractable Awning Worth It?

When you consider that your retractable awning can decrease the temperature on your deck or patio by as much as 20 degrees on a hot summer day, can last for decades, will require little maintenance, add value to your home or business, and can be controlled with a remote control or your phone should you have a motorized version, any concerns you may have about your awning being worth its cost will be quickly put to rest.

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