The Cost of a Retractable Awning

The Cost of a Retractable Awning

Your neighbor has one. Every summer when it gets hot and the humidity rises, they use theirs, extending it all the way out. You watch them sitting on their patio enjoying those long hot summer days, sipping drinks, and relishing the warm weather, under its shade. Meanwhile, you and your family have retreated to the inside of your house. You’re stuck all season long watching through your living room windows, wishing you had one too-a retractable awning that is.

They provide invaluable shade especially in the warm Texas heat. But for many homeowners retractable awning costs make it an unattainable luxury. It’s something only the neighbors can afford. That’s not necessarily true.

Types of awnings

There are two types of retractable awnings either drop arm for windows and doors or lateral decks and patios. At Rollac we sell the former awning in many different colors and styles. Lateral awnings can be mounted on the siding of homes, roofs, or on to existing outdoor structures such as pergolas. Our retractable awnings are extremely attractive additions to any structure. They’re designed to protect the outdoor patio areas of your home or office. Our high-quality retractable canvas awnings can be custom-made to meet your specifications.

Cost of Lateral Retractable Awning

Plain and simple, the cost of a lateral retractable awning is anywhere $1,500 to $6,000. Within that wide price range is many different choices a customer can make either to reduce the cost of the covering or customize it to their specific needs, thereby increasing the price.

The most affordable retractable awning can be opened and closed manually using a crank handle. Beyond that, you can choose an awning that can be operated via a remote control, smart device, wireless, or basic wall switch. Any of these upgrades tend to cost $800 to $1,000 more.

Other add-ons to an awning’s cost include a motion sensor which enables the unit to retract on its own if winds reach a certain predetermined speed. Not to mention the sun and rain sensor, which when activated will either open or close depending on the weather. Either one of these special features is valued at $1,000 above the base price.

The type of mounting for your outdoor covering can greatly affect awning cost. The face mount is the simplest and most basic installation. When your wall space is limited, the roof mount is a perfect choice. The under-eve mount is another way to install your patio covering but does traditionally increase the overall awning cost.

Don’t forget you have many choices regarding the finished look of your awning. Whether you choose a valance which comes in a variety of styles, a volant or our unique, ‘little big system’, we are sure you’ll find a finishing touch to your awning that will suit your tastes.

Cost of Repair and Replacement

A good quality retractable awning should require little to no maintenance. However, sometimes problems do occur. Awning replacement costs can be avoided if you’ve had your covering installed by a professional. Their extensive experience and knowledge can quickly identify the problem and offer a solution. Secondly, having your retractable awning installed by a professional such as Rollac, ensures that if something breaks it will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Replacing or repairing the fabric on your awning can range in price from $350-$1000. If you own a manually retractable awning, the arm that holds your canopy can cost as little as $80 to replace. Units that support large canopies are more expensive, up to $300.

Meanwhile, brackets fasten the canopy to the wall, while springs make sure it is tightly stretched even when fully extended. Both are relatively small parts in the larger unit, and typically cost between $50 and $100 each including labor.

Repairing an electrical problem with your retractable awning can cost between $80 and $250. This includes materials and hiring an electrician. If you have a retractable awning and the mechanism isn't working correctly, the problem could be electrical. This might be a minor electrical issue like a blown fuse or a short. We do not recommend you try to fix this problem by yourself.

The most expensive part to repair is the motor, which ranges in price between $150 and $500. Examples of this problem include your awning not retracting which could signal either a replacement or repair. Motor issues range from minor to major. Usually for major issues, replacement is the best choice.

Worth the cost

Yes, retractable awning costs can be extensive. From the purchase and installation to the repair and even sometimes the replacement of your covering it can be intimidating. Yet, this investment will increase the quality and quantity of time spent outdoors. So the next time you watch with envy as your neighbors open their retractable awning, stop and contact us at Rollac for a consultation. Take the first step in reclaiming your outdoor space.